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Weezer – Pacific Daydream // Album Review

Weezer used to be a force to be reckoned with. Back in the 90s, they released two of the best albums ever made and continued releasing decent to very good albums up until the late 2000s. Since then, their albums have been very hit or miss, mostly miss. They released a great album in 2014 (Everything Will Be Alright In The End) and a decent album in 2016 (White Album), so my hopes for this album weren’t as low as they had been after Raditude and Hurley. So, was Pacific Daydream surprisingly good or is it another disappointment for...

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Kylie Minogue’s Studio Albums // Ranked.

Kylie Minogue is truly the Madonna of the down under; she has had a lot of influence on the younger generations and has solidified herself as a true queen of pop music with her extensive and varied discography. Today, I will be ranking her studio albums with as much bias as possible, so I hope everyone enjoys me being overly defensive all throughout! Also, I’ve been on my phone for the past 48 hours and my wrist and ring finger hurt meaning my hypochondriac ass will be assuming I have carpal tunnel until the pain goes away, so I...

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Jay-Z – 4:44 // Album Review

In 2013, Jay Z released a very subpar hip hop album that made it seem like he had run his course as a rapper. He was clearly out of things to talk about and at this point, it seemed like the man was going to have to retire his status as a rap legend. Thankfully, all of the skeptics were wrong. Four years later, Jay Z released 4:44, an album that shows extreme growth and maturity from an unexpected source. This isn’t the first mature rap album, Jay’s biggest rival from his early days Nas released one a few...

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