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Tori Amos – Native Invader // Album Review

Just three years ago, singer-songwriter Tori Amos released an album of original material for the first time since 2009’s ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin.’ 2014’s ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’ marked a return to the baroque sound so many love her for, and ushered in yet another glorious tour. In 2016, Tori embarked on a road trip through the Smoky Mountain range in an effort to retrace the song lines that were taught to her by her Cherokee grandfather, and this became the basis for her new music. However, this plan was knocked from its axis following two seismic events. The first was...

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Tori Amos – Up The Creek // Song Review

We all have those threads that weave our families together through both time and space. That’s exactly what Tori has shown us on her new promotional single “Up The Creek” from her forthcoming album “Native Invader.” The number begins with Tori echoing in distorted vocals “good lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” a phrase she says was once a favorite of her grandfather’s. The thread here travels to the next generation as Tori’s own daughter, Tash Hawley, joins Tori once again to share their powerful bond through and equally powerful message.   In the first verse already, Tash...

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Christina Aguilera – Studio Albums // Ranked.

Christina Aguilera began her prolific career on “Mickey Mouse Club,” a hit television show on the Disney Channel in the early 1990s. Later in the decade, she would launch a pop music career that would gain her international fame and the nickname “voice of a generation.” From bubblegum pop to urban influenced tracks, to jazz all the way to futuristic bangers, let’s take a look at her albums from worst to best. 5. Lotus After the commercial backfire of Christina’s 4th studio album, “Bionic,” fans expected a major comeback for the vocalist of our generation. What they got, however,...

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Tori Amos – Cloud Riders // Song Review

Tori Amos has always been in tune with nature, partially due to her pride for her Cherokee side of her family. This time, however, she’s called upon the muses of Mother Nature more than ever on her upcoming 15th studio album “Native Invader.” Announced in April, Tori described the album as a body of music that compares nature’s circle of life to our own conflicts in human life, and lead single “Cloud Riders” is the ultimate testament to that. “Cloud Riders” isn’t the first time Tori has used clouds for her metaphors, as her previous songs “Cloud On My...

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Loreen – Body // Song Review

Loreen first became a prominent figure among dance music fans when she won the much celebrated Eurovision competition in 2012 with her song “Euphoria.” Later that year, she released her debut album “Heal” to much acclaim, followed up by a re-release in 2013 that featured the new song “We Got the Power,” which she entered 2013’s Eurovision with, unfortunately without a win. After teasing tracks such as “Jupiter Drive” and “Garbage” live, Loreen went on to release two new singles from her sophomore album, also slated at the time to be titled “Jupiter Drive.” However, it seems the album was scrapped...

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