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Self-Titled at 34: The Difficult Story Behind Madonna’s First Album

On July 27, 1983, one of the most iconic and cherished albums in music history was released. The album came and made a heavy impact on the music industry with its singles skyrocketing up the charts, it’s music videos dominating MTV, and its globally recognised cover being plastered across record stores around the world. It also just happened to be the first album from one of pop’s most applauded and protected artists: Madonna. Overnight, that single name became a worldwide conversation starter. Fashion revolutions, unmatched hype, unimaginable demand for appearances, and complete media obsession came in the wake of...

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Top 10 Best Pop Debut Albums: From Lana Del Rey To Lady Gaga // Ranked.

Your introduction to the pop world could make or break your career. No matter how much promise a record executive sees in you, you will never make it in the music world if you don’t make a good first impression. It’s happened a countless number of times. But other times, that debut album pushes you to heights that no one could have ever predicted. And that usually means that you made a pretty damn amazing album. These are those albums. The ones that came and made these artists names be on everyone’s lips. These albums aren’t just good, they’re...

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Britney Spears’ Albums, From Best to Worst // Ranked.

Britney Spears is one of the most well known names in the industry and for a good reason. For almost 20 years, Britney has been a cultural icon. Her songs are known across the globe, her videos are staples on YouTube and music TV channel (if those are still a thing), and her concerts are always a media event (for better or for worse…LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!). Since 1999, Britney has given us nine studio albums. All have their classic moments, but some are better than others. Here’s a ranking of Britney’s body of work from the ones to skip...

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A Dissection Of Madonna’s “Confessions On A Dancefloor” [Pop Girl Week]

At the conclusion of the Re-Invention World Tour, many people wondered where Madonna would go next. Her previous album, “American Life”, while performing well, received lukewarm reception at best. The album left many fans bewildered and newcomers very turned off by its style. However, there was one fatal flaw that everyone was guilty of in 2004 – Never. Doubt. Madonna. We should know by now that this woman always has a plan. And what a plan it was – On November 9, 2005, Madonna released an album that took people by delighted surprise. Earning her the highest reviews she...

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