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Kylie Minogue – Golden // Album Review

Kylie has come back to the music scene with an impressive bang, thanks to singles ‘Dancing,’ ‘Stop Me from Falling‘ and ‘Raining Glitter.’ But was she able to live up to the hype that arose around her 14th studio album ‘Golden‘? Firstly, if you were fearing that this would be just a blatant country album, then you shouldn’t have to worry! On the other hand, if you were looking for an album that would be revolutionary and seemingly iconic, you may be disappointed. It seems that yet another pop legend has decided to hop onto this train of the...

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Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life” Singles // Ranked.

Lana Del Rey’s fourth era introduced fifth LP “Lust for Life.” The records five singles showcased the different sides of versatility Lana displayed through writing, production, and vocals. As one of the largest names in Alternative music, her new revival has officially come. Lana’s sound has strengthened and has become even more sophisticated, branching off of the mellow, and tragic mess “Honeymoon” was. This list ranks the singles from worst to best. 5. Summer Bummer This list begins with a song so tragic it should have never existed in the first place. “Summer Bummer” is mostly an instant turn...

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Haim – Something To Tell You // Album Review

4 years ago, HAIM’s debut was a breath of fresh air in the pop music scene. 4 years later, the alternative-pop band are back and bolder than ever. “Something To Tell You” similarly takes vintage themes and mixes catchy, contemporary elements together, as the years of evolution spent finding the band’s best tracks were fully demonstrated. Every song is proven not to be single-dimensional. “Something To Tell You” helps bring a more refined and personal touch to the band’s sound, while the band’s rough, rock-style side is not as present. Case and point, opening track “Want You Back” is...

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Clean Bandit & Marina – Disconnect // Song Review

After two years, fans had mostly given up on the idea of “Disconnect” finally being released. Once both Marina and Clean Bandit made a sudden teaser of what was going to come shortly, fans quickly pinpointed that this surprise was most likely going to be the two-year-old track once heard at Coachella back in 2015. Not only was the track quickly released, but was also performed live at Glastonbury with Marina singing the live vocals for the second time. Clean Bandit helped express that Marina and her boyfriend Jack both wrote the song together when meeting. Both Marina and...

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Britney Spears – Blackout // Album Review [Pop Girl Week]

“Blackout” – While mostly being seen as a simple dance album as the catchy backdrop follows through, is one of Britney’s most exciting albums. Released around Britney’s most struggling times, where several instances of eccentric behaviour and her divorce from Kevin Federline overshadowed her professional endeavours. Yet, her music came out on top as her finest work to date, appearing on multiple year-end lists with Rolling Stone describing it as one of the most influential albums in modern pop. After “In The Zone,” Britney Spears opened her new record with the iconic line now known as, “It’s Britney bitch!” For the...

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