XYLØ was originally born as a duo between siblings Paige and Chase Duddy. However in 2017, the duo split up, and currently Paige is the only remaining member. Since then, XYLØ has dropped three solo singles, ‘Heaven Only Knows’, ‘Don’t Panic’, and their most recent track, ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore’. Known for their tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘I Still Wait For You’, XYLØ have made quite some waves with their music. Known mainly for their track with The Chainsmokers, titled ‘Setting Fires’, XYLØ are very much rising still into stardom. As someone who has listened to them since their debut single, ‘America’, it has been amazing to see their growth, and this new track is something fresh. But, lets get more into that below.

In this track, you can see a lot of elements from their previous single, ‘Don’t Panic’ implemented here. The somewhat minimalistic production, mixed with the very flawless vocals add for the perfect combination. I love the tracks mood it has, there’s something very alluring to it, and I could see this as one of the strongest songs they’ve dropped. With these past three releases, it’s clear Paige is coming into her own sound as a soloist, with less of the big EDM sound of ‘I Still Wait For You’ and back to a more ‘America’ type vibe. The track reminds me of a more pop infused feeling than their 2016 EP ‘America’, as Paige brings the simple production back. The lyrics are quite simple but seem very honestly written, and the beautiful instrumentation the track holds make that feeling even more special.

Overall, this is a great track from her, and I could definitely see this grow into my favorite track from her as a soloist. I would love to see more of this sound resonate into a full album or extended play of sorts, something that is very overdue for her. I think it’s a great summer track, and could be one of the more popular track from her. I cannot wait to see the music video for the track, as well as what is next from her.

(8.5 / 10)