Since her return with ‘No Excuses‘, Meghan Trainor has just dropped two new tracks titled ‘Let You Be Right‘ and ‘Can’t Dance‘. Both songs are instantly catchy to the ear, and could easily become some of Meghan’s largest hits, coming up to par with ‘All About That Bass‘ and ‘NO‘. Both singles were released together on this past Thursday, and while there was little buzz, there is still great potential that each track with their hypnotic beats and likable melodies could land Trainor’s releases on top of pop radio and on everyone’s mind.

Let You Be Right

While ‘Let You Be Right‘ has a seemingly disco-themed element across the entire track, Trainor’s retro trademark is still present in the track’s production. Also, this single record along with ‘No Excuses‘ and ‘Can’t Dance‘ are a departure in a general change for the musical style that Meghan’s third album may be going. Through a light and airy feeling track that depicts the hardships of finding a solution in a failing relationship, it is mostly assuring to myself that Trainor’s third and upcoming album may be her best so far. While track after track may be showing a departure from Trainor’s original sound, it’s the start of one that is even more refreshing and eye-catching.

(8.5 / 10)

Can’t Dance

While being my least favorite out of the two singles released, ‘Can’t Dance‘ still pleads with a vigorous beat that is meant to be danced to. The “short and sweet” track continues to demonstrate the playful side Trainor is taking in her third era. The song could easily take over as the next official single following ‘No Excuses‘ and top the charts. In contrast to ‘Let You Be Right‘,’Can’t Dance‘ takes a bold move in its impactful instrumental and lyrical aspects. It may not be risky, but it still gives a statement large enough that a hit could be born. The production’s fast-paced mixture of bass, guitar, and electo-pop influences makes the song to be an overall bop that is undeniably catchy.

(8 / 10)

All in all, Trainor’s comeback is so far a success. She has brought something very fresh and new to the table, and I was very impressed with both tracks musically! I’m looking forward to see what she will be releasing as the summer gets closer, including the release of her next album. Truly, each track has something that makes it somewhat different from the other, while they still fit cohesively next to each other.