Ariana Grande began as a star in a multitude of Nickelodeon shows, and that later lead her to begin a singing career. After releasing three massively successful albums, Ariana has just released the first taste of her fourth album with the single, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. The song went to #1 on iTunes in a few hours, and quickly has become one of the biggest topics this Friday. It has received massive hype everywhere, so lets break it down, is it as good as everyone is saying? Is Ariana promising a great fourth album? We’ll have to see.

This dance-pop single features a pretty fresh sound for Ariana. It’s almost sultry in the beginning in a way, it’s really something I’m into. The synths are relaxing as Ariana sings a modified chorus. Then, out of nowhere the first verse of the song kicks in. The beautiful harmonies on the pre-chorus are gorgeous as Ariana sings this self-love anthem. The verses at first listen were a major surprise for me, almost leading me to not enjoy the track, but the more I listened the more I did enjoy the switch. The transitions are done perfectly, and all around after a bunch of listens, I can firmly say I enjoy this track quite a bit.

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Lyrically, this song is a very self-love centered track, as Ariana sings about “So I’m pickin’ it up, pickin’ it up, I’m lovin’, I’m livin’, I’m pickin’ it up”. The lyrics do repeat often, but wasn’t very noticeable until I actually looked over the lyrics. I’m really into the way the lyrics are written however, although they’re often simple, Ariana is able to put meanings into it with the tone in her voice. The lyrics flow really well also. Onto the production, Max Martin did this track, and it’s amazing. The chorus is so feel-good, and it fully throws the listener off when the verses begin, as an ultimate dance feeling. Ariana’s voice shines through, and she sounds phenomenal with this type of production.

I’m fully into this new sound for Ariana, I’m sure the album will be something new for her, and I’m excited to see what it holds. Personally this might be my favorite lead from the singer, but it will be up to the test to see if it can age like the rest of her songs. I’m excited to see what comes next for Ariana, and whether or not this is sound the album holds. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the song in the comments below!

(8.7 / 10)