The genre of Korean-pop music, known as K-Pop, has been breaking into mainstream in countries other than Asia for awhile now, and has quickly found a very dedicated fanbase in Eastern countries, that has millions of loyal fans. Groups like EXO, BTS, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet are some of the biggest groups right now. Right along with the groups mentioned above is the girl group TWICE, who had their comeback a few days ago, dropping a brand new EP,¬†‘What Is Love?’, along with a single and music video of the same name. The music video has already wracked up over eight million views in twelve hours. Let’s see if the hype is worth it in this new EP.

Some of my personal favorites from TWICE are ‘TT’ and ‘Likey’, two major hits for the group, but upon hearing the title track for this EP, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I am very into this new music. ‘What Is Love?’ is an obvious single choice, as it is catchy, as well as very popular and accessible production. All girls sound great, all around this is a great track. This could be easily be a big hit for them, and the attention the music video has gained so far, it is clear it’s on that track.

Upon just the title-track, I am a big fan of ‘Sweet Talker’. This track has some great production, and each girl is given a pretty equal amount to shine. Something else I like about this track is that the lyrics were actually written by Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. It’s pretty unknown for groups to write their own lyrics, I thinks this is really cool. The lyrics are light-hearted, as it’s almost as catchy as the last track.

‘Dejavu’ took my by surprise for it’s very explosive EDM twist it holds, which I cannot decide if it is a postive or negative addition to the track. The track itself is good, and the breakdown almost felt a little out of place. I’m still however not sold on being critical of it, as I do like when songs have a very big breakdown, but it can make or break a song’s atmosphere or worse, it’s quality.

Some other highlights include the closer to the EP, the acoustic pop song, ‘Say Yes’. In my opinion, this is a great closer to the release. It wraps the EP together well, and shows their variety and talent they obviously possess. Another is the third track, ‘Ho!’. This had a great beat, and is definitely a great addition to this EP. It didn’t have any outstanding factors to set it apart from the rest positively, although it didn’t have any negative ones either.

Overall, this is a very solid release and comeback from the group. They executed multiple different styles well, and still managed to be very inclusive within all nine members. I’m happy to see this new single doing so well, it’s definitely deserved. Each song is unique, and it all works together nicely. Excited to see what else this group has to offer later this year.

Essentials: What Is Love?, Sweet Talker, Ho!

8.6 out of 10 stars (8.6 / 10)