It’s been two years since Icelandic singer Björk dropped her eighth studio album, ‘Vulnicura’. Being one of the saddest records lyrically from Björk, the record reflected her split from her long time husband Matthew Barney, and her healing. The word ‘Vulnicura’ is essentially a made up word, meaning wound-cure. The album was met with universal acclaim, many calling it her best record yet. Since that time, we haven’t heard much from Björk. On September 15th however, Björk dropped the lead single to her ninth album, titled ‘The Gate’. We were met with the second single, ‘Blissing Me’, on November 15th, and now on November 24th, we have Björk’s ninth record, ‘Utopia’. As a huge fan of Björk’s work, I am heavily excited to dive into this record.

Let’s begin with the song that kick-started the whole era, ‘The Gate’. This song isn’t my favorite song from the record honestly. The song seems stretched out, and I don’t think it needs to be. Her vocals on this song sound quite good though, and that is the best part of the tracks. The lyrics aren’t anything special, and overall didn’t get me very hyped for the record when it was announced.

We really throw it back to a very electronic vibe on ‘Loss’, almost giving me some ‘Homogenic’ nostalgia. I really like this song because of how it really plays opposite sides of production. We have this very heavenly side of it, with some melodies and quite a bit of flute. But then, we have this very intense production side of it, with these pounding synths that give it such a different feel. The explosive end is very intense, and almost feels like it’s building towards something. The song is seven minutes song, but doesn’t feel like it. It’s one of the best this album has to offer. This same feeling can be found on ‘Sue Me’, a song that also feels very in that same type of vibe. The vocals on this one are beautiful as well, as we get that classic Björk feeling.

We really switch it up as it with the shortest song on the album, ‘Paradisa’. The song feels much like an interlude, as it just has a simple flute playing, with some beautiful melodies. That fully transitions into the most heavenly songs on the record, ‘Saint’ and ‘Future Forever’. It signifies as a change for these two songs, and it just seems to be quite minimal production on ‘Future Forever’. We see great vocal work, which also goes for ‘Saint’.

The second single on the album is titled ‘Blissing Me’. Released a few days before the albums release, this song has a much more ambient vibe than ‘The Gate’. The song doesn’t have a chorus, rather seven verses that seem to tell a story. The song ends with the line: “Did I just fall in love with love?”. I love the line, and this track is definitely one of my favorites once again on the record.

Overall, Björk really delivered once again. This record is such a breath of fresh air, and showed once again the legend Björk is in music. This is no doubt one of her best records, and already has such a timeless vibe. I’m very into this record, as it’s one of the best Björk has served so far. With theses songs, it’s quite clear the name chosen. Björk has found a much happier place in her life, and I can’t wait to see what this next record will ensue.

Essentials: Blissing Me, Loss, Future Forever

8.9 out of 10 stars (8.9 / 10)