Kylie Minogue is truly the Madonna of the down under; she has had a lot of influence on the younger generations and has solidified herself as a true queen of pop music with her extensive and varied discography. Today, I will be ranking her studio albums with as much bias as possible, so I hope everyone enjoys me being overly defensive all throughout! Also, I’ve been on my phone for the past 48 hours and my wrist and ring finger hurt meaning my hypochondriac ass will be assuming I have carpal tunnel until the pain goes away, so I wrote this WHOLE thing while I had carpal tunnel!

Sidenote: I’m not including Kylie Christmas because I do not listen to Christmas music.

Enjoy Yourself

Rest assured I did not Enjoy Myself in the slightest!

Let’s Get To It

Let’s Get To the albums I revisited after the first listen!


I Should Be So Lucky to only hear that song from this album for the rest of my life! I’m scared to move on though please don’t hurt me…


BEFORE hating on me and yelling at me, please read and understand why I feel the way I do. Love At First Sight and Come Into My World are two of Kylie’s best songs and there’s no denying that, but another thing there’s no denying of is the fact that I physically cannot get myself to listen to this album in full. Almost all of the album tracks sound the same and they all sound like filler, which would be fine if I enjoyed the production (which we’ll get to albums like that in a minute) but it reminds me of remixes, and remixes are something I really, REALLY do not like because they all sound the same. It’s just me and I acknowledge that and I understand that loving this album is a valid opinion, and I don’t necessarily dislike this album as a whole, I just don’t totally enjoy listening to it in full. Also Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is overly repetitive and overrated MOVING ON-

Rhythm Of Love

Here’s an album I can listen to in full if I want to, finally! This was Kylie’s first good album and it’s…really just that! It’s good! I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t listen to Better The Devil You Know and Step Back In Time frequently. It’s a lot of fun and it’s solid Kylie dance pop with her pre-adult voice, which I think is super cute and surprisingly clear. Enjoyable from start to finish with some underrated gems!

Light Years

Listen. LISTEN!!!! I love camp. I love camp in my horror movies, I love camp in my action movies, I love camp in my television shows, and I love camp in my music. I get that for most people this is a less good version of Fever considering it’s Kylie’s other early 2000’s disco inspired album that’s mostly filler BUT when it comes to which one I would rather put on and digest as a whole, it will always be Light Years because I can handle campy and will always get enjoyment out of it. The echoed “ass” in Your Disco Needs You is one of my favorite Kylie moments in her entire discography because I’m a silly human who is pleased extremely easily. Disco Down is also a discography highlight and Please Stay is a cutie patootie.

Kiss Me Once

How much respect have I lost from how many of you? I kind of don’t care because we all have our different opinions and this happens to be mine, but I’m still extremely curious as to who is fuming upon seeing this at number 6. I love this album. Almost all of it, in fact. Pretty much every song, but Mr President, is a song I will listen to, including Sexercize, which grew on me as a huge guilty pleasure (it SCREAMS “Disney star trying to become an adult” except it came from a woman in her 40s who had been in the business for decades previously and I can’t get over how funny I think that is). Pretty much the rest of it outside of those cringe-fests is a solid pure pop album, including songs I consider extremely underrated like Feels So Good, Fine, If Only, and even Sexy Love. KMO looks so sexy, so sexy, in my top 6.


This was the first Kylie album I got into and Get Outta My Way remains my most listened to Kylie song. I love pure pop and Kylie is truly the queen of delivering that era after era and it’s still incredible to me that this long into her career, she released a song that remains hailed by fans as one of her best. Yes, Aphrodite is mostly as high as it is on my list because of Get Outta My Way, but the other songs on here are also quite good and the album is surprisingly cohesive, which is always a plus in my book. I get why people who have been a fan of hers for longer might not agree with me on the last 2 album placements, but I got into her after all of her albums were already released, so I listened entirely with fresh ears, and this is just the way the news goes.


While I believe that some day, Aphrodite may very well pass this album in my ranking and become my number 4, I still love X with all my heart. It’s a pretty strange album and was definitely a grower, but once it grew on me, I was madly in love. While I don’t listen to every song on it and don’t care to listen without skipping a couple songs, the songs I listen to are among some of my favorites. I still can’t believe I love a Calvin Harris track as much as I do, and no matter what haters say, Nu Di Ty is hilarious and a blast to listen to. I think this album was risky , really not cohesive at all, and while it has those pure pop anthems (In My Arms, The One), the change from those to songs like Nu Di Ty and Speakerphone is relatively drastic, and I really love it.

Kylie Minogue

If you talked to me a year ago, you would have probably witnessed me trashing this album. I thought it was 95% filler and it sounded too dated. I was 100% wrong about the former but the latter became one of my favorite things about it. Yes, it sounds distinctly 90’s, and that’s what makes it such a great album. An album doesn’t have to sound “timeless” to be a great album, it can be a product of it’s time and that can be why it’s such a fantastic album to listen to. Obviously, since I first heard it, Confide In Me was one of my top two Kylie songs (I love violins in pop music, I always will, and Kylie delivered that for me TWICE), so when I listened to the rest of the album, it just felt underwhelming. However, once you listen to Confide In Me, every song ever made should feel lackluster in comparison, so it makes sense I felt the way I did. I think it’s extremely possible this will climb even higher in my ranking considering it was such a grower for me and how much I love it, but for now, number 3 ain’t bad!

Impossible Princess

Impossible Princess is by far Kylie’s most interesting album. I like that we get her side of the story in a way that we don’t really get on her other albums. I love this darker side of Kylie that we get here, I love the lyrics, I love the music, and most importantly, I love Cowboy Style. You heard it here folks, Cowboy Style is my favorite Kylie Minogue song (I assume you saw this coming from the violins comment I just made in the last paragraph, but I wanted to state it just to make sure I made it totally clear). Our Pure Pop Princess (say that 10 times fast) gave us an experimental trip-hop album and most of us fell madly in love with it. It’s such an unexpected album from Kylie and that’s definitely part of the appeal. At this point you’ve probably figured out my number one so…

Body Language

This was the second Kylie album I listened to and I was instantly in love with it. This is her most cohesive album to date and I adore every second of it. Maybe it’s my love for rnb, maybe it’s my love for cohesiveness in albums, hell, maybe it’s my love for whispery cooing in pop music, but no matter what the main reason is, Body Language is, and will most likely remain forever, my favorite Kylie album. This album has some of her best singles, it has a surprisingly good verse from Raplie, and an all around incredibly fun sound. Also before I go, I just want to mention that I Feel 4 U is one of Kylie’s best songs and I don’t see enough people talking about it, can this be a new thing?

I hope you all enjoyed this ranking! Feel free to let me know your opinions in the comments!