Following the announcement of Reputation (2017) her upcoming sixth studio album, we felt a ranking of her albums was most opportune. And if you’re brand new stan wanting to explore Taylor’s discography, hoping her swift return saves Mariah Carey’s long standing #1 record or whether you’ve instantaneously developed a taste for Country-Pop, this might as well be convenient for you.

Taylor Swift (2006)

Image result for taylor swift taylor swift album coverStarting off our list is an unsurprising appearance of her self-titled debut album. Although at the time, very impressive(she was 16 years old, having written this songs in the freshman year of her school) her explosive career and ever-evolving style following the year have overshadowed this dexterous effort.

Highlights: Our Song, Teardrops on My Guitar, Picture to Burn

Fearless (2008)

Image result for taylor swift fearless albumBelieve us, we’re not listing her albums in order, it’s a ranking for sure. With the appropriately titled second studio album, Taylor abandoned her teen pretenses and fully embodied the persona of a Country superstar. An improvement compared to it’s predecessor indefinitely.

Highlights: Fifteen, You Belong With Me, Love Story

1989 (2014)

The Grammy-winning Album of The Year effort saw Taylor’s departure from her Country  roots. Titled after the year of her birth, the career-reboot 1989 proved to be a consistent pop record, cementing Swift’s legacy as a flexible songwriter. Some might argue this as her best, and without a doubt that might be true, but the upcoming albums in this rank simply outweigh this one.

Highlights: Blank Space, I Know Places, Wildest Dreams

Red (2012)

Image result for we are never ever getting back togetherWith her fourth studio album, Taylor first began dipping her toes into the pool of Pop music. The result? A flawless transition record that not only feels timeless but ever so compelling.  It’s place on this list is disputable but considering how important of a record Red proved to be for Taylor we have decided to stick to it.

Highlights: State of Grace, 22, Red

Speak Now (2010)

Image result for taylor swift speak now albumHonestly, an entire thesis could be written on why Speak Now is Taylor’s strongest effort to date or one could just copy-paste the entire lyrics of ‘Enchanted’ in here and the point would be proven. Speak Now is a rich bravura body of work, that with it’s songwriting captures the essence of a 2-hour-long Academy Award winning flick. Unarguably her best.

Highlights: Dear John, Enchanted, Haunted

After five incredible albums, we couldn’t be more excited for the next one!