Kesha – Rainbow // Album Review

It’s finally here. The highly anticipated third studio album by superstar Kesha has dropped on August 11th, with a huge positive reaction. After a controversial battle with her past producer, Kesha is back and better than ever with this new record. She explores new genres we’ve never heard, and showcases her voice like never before. As a long time Kesha fan myself, I cannot wait to get into this album, as I’ve loved the singles.

Let us begin with the single that kick-started it all, ‘Praying’. The piano ballad is about rather than hating your enemies, pray for them to get better. We can tell the subject, and it’s a beautiful sight to see. She hits a whistle tone on the song, that really proves the voice she has. It’s a beautiful song, and it’s hard not to love.

But, this album isn’t just full of ballads, we make a huge turn with the ultra banger ‘Boots’. This song has a remnant on her past music, and is a great song to dance to, a true gem of the record. The production brings the song over the top, and the lyrics are just perfect.

Another banger would have to be the stellar ‘Let Em Talk’. Another total banger, a song about not letting the people you bring you down get to you. The explosive hook is a total hit in my opinion, and a great way to follow the first track of the album, ‘Bastards’. This song brings on a larger stripped down vibe, with the main line being “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” and plays up on the idea of not letting them get to you. Another great track, especially with that beautiful ending, where the production picks up.

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For this album, Kesha released almost a song every week until the albums release, my favorite being ‘Learn To Let Go’. Another song about letting go, and not letting someone (your past in this case) get to you. The very catchy hook is just hard not to tap your foot to, and once again shows off the amazing voice Kesha posses. I love the whole track from beginning to end, definitely one of my favorites.

One song that doesn’t hit that high for me though would have to be ‘Hymn’. Although I love the message and lyrics, the production just doesn’t feel up to par with the rest of the album, almost being a bit lackluster. But, with that being said, this is once again an amazing track, and definitely not a bad song, just one of the lower hitting songs on the album.

Besides ‘Praying’, my favorite stripped track on this album is ‘Spaceship’. This five minute track talks about Kesha going back to her home, outer space. The harmonies behind the chorus give off this beautiful sound, and almost makes me feel emotional. The album ends on this song, and it couldn’t be a better choice. The chorus is catchy and the banjo playing on this track is fantastic. My favorite moment on this album is the monologue at the end of the song. It’s written perfectly, and it’s beautiful.

One of the most empowering tracks is definitely ‘Woman’. As we know, Kesha is not one to shy away from being proud of being a woman, and this song just showcases that. It’s fun, it’s lighthearted, it’s carefree, and you can definitely dance to it even if you aren’t a fan of the genre.

Onto some more of my favorites, ‘Finding You’, is definitely one. We start with a stripped guitar, and the chorus joins in with quite a bunch more production. The song is about the idea of infinite lives, and Kesha wants to find this lover in each one. It’s a gorgeous song, and the lyrics are on point.

Overall, this album hits new highs for me. Although it’s not usual for me to enjoy this type of genre, I adore the way this album falls together. It’s perfect mix of stripped down songs and total bangers is perfection. The fact that Kesha can release this with no issue is absolutely magical. I’m so proud of her, and the album as well. If you haven’t listened to this album, make it your #1 priority right now.

Essentials: Praying, Boots, Spaceship

(8.9 / 10)