We all have those threads that weave our families together through both time and space. That’s exactly what Tori has shown us on her new promotional single “Up The Creek” from her forthcoming album “Native Invader.” The number begins with Tori echoing in distorted vocals “good lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” a phrase she says was once a favorite of her grandfather’s. The thread here travels to the next generation as Tori’s own daughter, Tash Hawley, joins Tori once again to share their powerful bond through and equally powerful message.


In the first verse already, Tash sounds effortlessly resilient with the powerful line “we may just survive if the militia of the mind arm against those climate blind,” an obvious reference to the tense political scene in the US, backed by sturdy guitar plucks and pulses of dark electronica that wouldn’t sound out of place on Tori’s 1998 “From the Choirgirl Hotel.” Tori and Tash each exchange going to bat as they communicate with planet Earth herself, as Tori calls upon the “knowledge sown in Gaia’s bones” so that she may stand strong and proud. Thematically, the song touches upon our need to fight not only for our freedom, but also Earth itself, hearkening back to the overarching theme of “Native Invader” that time and time again, through several natural disasters, Mother Nature is always able to repair herself and heal. Tori and Tash send a powerful message that we should stand strong, now and always, and take cues from our beautiful planet so that we can protect both her and ourselves, and learn how to also heal each other.


Tori’s upcoming album “Native Invader” is out in September 8th.