The Pop 5 is a new monthly segment from us highlighting our 5 favourite songs (or loosely pop culture related things) of the current month. A shit ton of things happened this month like any other month in the gift that keeps on giving that is the pop world, so this is a handy guide to filter out the best of the best.

5. ‘Body’, Loreen’s one hell of a banger

Loreen (call her Ms. Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui if you want to be all professional) is the Eurovision winner of 2012 for Sweden. She has a debut album out already after that and the stuff she makes is quite amazing (check here and here). Now it’s 2017 and ‘Body’ lets the club beats speak for themselves, though it still isn’t hard to notice that beautifully talented voice behind.

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4. Mura Masa and Bonzai’s ‘Nuggets’

It’s no doubt that producer Mura Masa’s new self-titled record this month is a star-studded one with unlimited beats enough to fuel the rest of summer, but this one outruns than the rest. Bonzai’s smooth flow work perfectly with Mura Masa’s funky basslines and drums, like all the other times they’ve collaborated. Though it is hard to take “I’ve got nuggets” as a chorus without picturing that funny image in your head.

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3. Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’, not only but mainly its MV

This came out of nowhere and absolutely stole the spotlight on the day of July 26 poor Selena. The music video is a spectacle in all sorts of ways – the whole video being done with celebrity cameos making cute faces in front of pink backdrops, in all ages shapes sizes masses races colours forms of clothing and props etcetera. And after a humble estimation of around 30 watches, the song actually goes off a bit as well. Well done to Charli and all other males, but mostly Joe Jonas for scoring the hottest shots on there, eating pancakes and fully clothed.

2. Kesha basically owning the month in general, probably the next one too

From the day Kesha released her much-anticipated lead single to her upcoming record titled ‘Praying’, Kesha has blown everyone’s minds from audio to visual form. ‘Praying’ welcomed Kesha back in the “rawest”, most “vulnerable” way possible as critics would say, and in all seriousness was the most perfect ballad from her that anyone would expect. ‘Woman’ took things to the political feminist side, then ‘Learn To Let Go’ seemed to put serious business aside with the catchier hooks, but if you look deeper into the lyrics it’s actually not the case. Basically ‘Rainbow’ looks like it’s going to be shattering replay buttons everywhere on August 14.

1. ‘Lust For Life’

The biggest release of July turns out to be rightfully the best thing that happened this month. Managing somehow to blend all her previous efforts into one (then slowly realising how each of them are actually different after thinking every single song sounds the same) with something new added, it’s Lana’s most solid work since Born To Die and most creative. It certainly reaches its peak around the second half (‘Tomorrow Never Came’, oh yes), but tracks like ’13 Beaches’ and ‘Cherry’ are also phenomenal.

What’s your best pop moment of July? Is there anything we missed out? Comment below!