Tori Amos has always been in tune with nature, partially due to her pride for her Cherokee side of her family. This time, however, she’s called upon the muses of Mother Nature more than ever on her upcoming 15th studio album “Native Invader.” Announced in April, Tori described the album as a body of music that compares nature’s circle of life to our own conflicts in human life, and lead single “Cloud Riders” is the ultimate testament to that.

“Cloud Riders” isn’t the first time Tori has used clouds for her metaphors, as her previous songs “Cloud On My Tongue,” “Your Cloud,” and “Bouncing Off Clouds” all make use of the concept, Tori has even used the phrase “cloud riders” before on her song “Invisible Boy,” a track from 2014’s “Unrepentant Geraldines.” Never one to actually reuse full concepts, however, what sets “Cloud Riders” apart from the others is the destructive forces within its lyrics. The track is a 5 minute and 23 second guitar driven formation of its own that compares our relationships to storms. Storms come in all varieties, from your small thunderstorms that do little more than make noise here and there, to massive cyclones that destroy everything in their wake. Just the same, we as human beings tend to get into arguments, whether it be with friends, family, or even strangers. Sometimes, they’re quite small and over within minutes, and other times they’re life changing, ending friendships, romantic relationships, even familial connections. “Saw a shooting star at 4:22 AM” seems to be an echo of the calm that resonates in the sky before a storm, with Tori confidently singing “underneath the stars above, I said no, stop, I am not giving up on us,” determined to ride out this storm. Tori has never been one to give up on anything especially love, and “Cloud Riders” is a beautiful ode to that concept, a concept we should all embrace.

Tori’s upcoming album “Native Invader” is out on September 8th.