Lana Del Rey’s fourth era introduced fifth LP “Lust for Life.” The records five singles showcased the different sides of versatility Lana displayed through writing, production, and vocals. As one of the largest names in Alternative music, her new revival has officially come. Lana’s sound has strengthened and has become even more sophisticated, branching off of the mellow, and tragic mess “Honeymoon” was. This list ranks the singles from worst to best.

5. Summer Bummer

This list begins with a song so tragic it should have never existed in the first place. “Summer Bummer” is mostly an instant turn off at first listen, and I have not been able to grow to even like the track yet. The track includes a very eerie-sounding piano as Lana indulges in very airy vocals. Lana’s vocals ride into the dark and ominous instrumental. As A$AP Rocky’s verse comes into the track, listeners hear, “I might fuck with her all summer for real,” the idea of someone falling into Lana’s own presence. The song overall states an odd scenario of a hallucination consisting of a relationship with Lana. The combination of vocals and instrumentation ends with nothing to fond to the listener’s ear.

4. Lust for Life

“Lust for Life” captures the life of Lana as well as featured artist The Weeknd. “Lust for Life” demonstrates a beautiful message on how love helps and hopes for someone to live. The track was so complex Lana got input from writers and producers worldwide to make the track so special. Lana hoped to feature The Weeknd on the title track, as the song also features 60s American pop culture themes. The track overall is a letdown, especially for a title track.

3. Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind

The record brings a historical connection to 1969 rock festival Woodstock, as the idea of freedom is one of discussion. Furthermore, the track is very political. Lana sees the shift in leading world issues. In the political, and social climate, Lana hopes for a safe and happy future for many generations. Lana felt to write the song off in the woods on the way home from Coachella. The track shows great growth in Lana’s political stances, she hopes to use her platform as much as possible.


2. Love

As an introduction to the new era, “Love” was a heartfelt ode to Lana’s many fans. The track includes themes related to nostalgia. Lana has proven to be interested in Americana, and the idealistic American values of life. “Love” uses Lana’s fans and connects it back to herself, looking back on youth and delves into how it so important. Lana finds it special how love and affection amongst others help youth move forward. The track is not a favorite by some, and clearly loved by others!

1. Groupie Love

“Groupie Love” is filled with a lovable relation that is more than relatable amongst fans and their fellow artists. As feeling the artists is singing directly to you, it makes the connection seem much stronger than it could actually be. The message is clear once Lana sings, “It’s so hard sometimes with the star. When you have to share him with everybody.” The connection made between two falls flat, and the relatable track stands as a light-hearted love ballad. A fan-to-singer connection could actually be seen as very creepy, or even disturbing thanks to past events towards Lana, but the song in itself is very beautiful.

Do you agree with this list? Was “Summer Bummer” paid dust? Most importantly, which single was your favorite after all?