Pop music has always been a craft mastered by Swedes, Americans and Brits throughout history – they have managed to write the catchiest songs that have become a part of the soundtrack of humanity. They, however, are not the only ones doing pop music but certainly the support that artists receive in those countries help them become global superstars. An example of an artist from a country that isn’t particularly known for pop music is Lali, an Argentinian singer who released her sophomore album ‘Soy’ last year. We discovered about her after many of our readers asked us to check her out!

From full-on 2012 Nicki Minaj EDM (‘Ring Na Na’) all the way to traditional ballads such as ‘Reina’, Lali showcases her chameleonic voice across genres. In ‘Irresistible’ for example, she is reminiscent of Mariah Carey in ‘Emotions’ with those highs during the chorus. One of the highlights on the record is the chorus in ‘Cree En Mi’, which combines both an amazing vocal delivery and perfect amount of drama with a catchy melody.

However, the album works better as standalone singles in my opinion, as there is not a thread to unify the record and give it a reason to exist. It feels like a mass produced album, which makes it quite hard to digest if you are not into dated dance music or cheap productions…

Which brings us to another weak point of the album – even though I understand the economic limitations her label might face in order to finance an album, it has been produced so badly that you cannot even find the bass frequencies in the mixes. That is a trick (to cut bass) often used by inexperienced or straight up bad producers (or those who aren’t being paid much). It waters down the listening experience by making every song extremely plain and uninteresting – even though the ACTUAL song might be good, it’s just that the production is terrible.

I would like to close this review by saying this: Lali has a lot of potential, and could become a massive local artist at some point in her career – however, a better team behind the making of the record would most definitely help.

Essentials: Irresistable, Cree En Mí
6.7 out of 10 stars (6.7 / 10)