Selena Gomez – Fetish // Song Review

Selena Gomez has been in the public eye since a young age. Starring in Barney in her single digits, we’ve seen Selena grow into a young woman through TV, and more especially, her music. With two solo albums out under her own name, and three albums out under her band Selena Gomez & The Scene, we’ve witnessed her growth from a teen into a woman. A few weeks back she dropped a single for her upcoming album titled ‘Bad Liar’. With great reviews, it didn’t receive much commercial success, but has done well on streaming such as YouTube, as it has garnered almost a million views. On Thursday, Selena dropped a second single for this new album, titled Fetish. The song topped the US iTunes charts within hours, and so far has reviewed good reviews from critics. I’m excited to see if Selena stepped up her game since ‘Bad Liar’, a song I didn’t particularly enjoy, but has grown on me since release.

We start the track right away with Selena, as she begins the song with an almost rushed “Take it or leave it.” From these lyrics she repeats herself quite a bit, and shows the idea of a lover who can’t keep himself from this love they have. The instrumental is light and airy, as are Selena’s vocals.

The chorus kicks in very early, with only about 30 seconds after the song begins. It’s led by the line “You’ve got a fetish for my love.” For the chorus, I love the lyrics. They’re simple, but work very well. I think it’s definitely a great summer song, and perfect song to get stuck in your head. The production has that great laid back vibe, and what is very in at this time.

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Gucci Mane is the rapper featured on the track, and you may have heard of him from Fifth Harmony’s single ‘Down’. I personally enjoyed his presence on that track, and the same goes for this one. He definitely isn’t very necessary, but it isn’t something I’m mad about. It’s perfect for the current rap trend, and it doesn’t ruin the track in any way.

Overall, this is a huge step up from ‘Bad Liar’. I like the production, vocals, and lyrics so much better, and I feel like this could be such a hit. I have high hopes for the song, and I know I’ll be loving it for the next month, if not longer. I cannot wait to see what Selena holds on SG2, but I hope it’s something like this.

(8.5 / 10)