Astrid S is a name not many people know, but one that I believe has the potential to take over the charts. She released her debut self titled EP in 2016, and now has released her sophomore EP, ‘Party’s Over’, in late June of 2017. Already gaining traction with her two smaller hits, ‘Hurts So Good’ and ‘Running Out’, she already has quite the name for her. Today, I’m going to get into the six track EP, titled ‘Party’s Over’.

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We begin this project with my favorite song this EP has to offer, ‘Breathe’. This beautiful pop song delivers a catchy hook, and beautiful lyrics to go along with it. My favorite has to be the opening line, “It’s been a week since you hit my bed / And since then, you’ve started living in my head”. It really struck me as an interesting lyric, and I enjoy these types of lyrics, it really hooks me to stay.

Another favorite off the EP has to be ‘Such A Boy’. The whole feeling and beat drop is totally an infectious tune, and I can see it taking over the charts. The production is well done, as we get a dance-pop feel, and her voice shines through, even through the electronic dub on her voice is featured along with the drop.

The EP features a short and somewhat forgettable interlude, titled “Sushi”. Although it is not a bad track, it can get lost in the dust, with these strong tracks this extended play has to offer. It doesn’t really hook me, and although just an interlude, is not up to par with the rest.

A final favorite would have to be the title track, ‘Party’s Over’. This track holds a darker edge than the rest of the songs, as the production seems to have a minor type sound, and her vocals express pain. I think it’s a beautiful track, and a great way for the EP to be named. The lyrics are another standout on this track, she has proved to be quite well with writing.

To conclude, this artist is one to watch. She has some killer songs, and will soon have some chart toppers under her belt. This EP is amazing, and a great way to get into Astrid. I would recommend this to anyone trying new music, it’s a must-listen. Although not all songs were up to par with the rest, she has some perfect 10/10s on here, and those make up for the lessors.

Essentials: Breathe, Such A Boy, and Party’s Over

8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)