Kesha – Praying // Song Review

5 years ago, Kesha was poised to release her highly anticipated lead single “Die Young,” which became competition with Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” By the time Kesha released her second album “Warrior” later that year, traction surrounding her era had slowed down, leaving fans worried about her future singles from the album (they got a “Crazy Kids” remix with, which is something I guess). Following the album campaign of “Warrior”, Kesha endured a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke which left her unable to release any music for a long period of time. However, Kesha has finally returned, better than ever.

On “Praying,” the first cut from her forthcoming third studio album “Rainbow,” Kesha is at her most vulnerable and raw. Kesha became known for the thick layers of auto tune that accompanied her music along with a party girl image, and she’s ready to shed that image now. “Praying” starts with a piano intro as Kesha comes in singing with her most natural and beautiful vocals ever heard on a studio track. The song, which one may assume is about Dr. Luke, finds Kesha singing with soaring vocals of her newfound strength. She had reached the lowest point of her life, which forced her to learn to fight for herself, making “Praying” a triumphant comeback that we’ve all been wanting from her. Halfway through the track, string instruments arrive to give the song an extra kick before powerful drums that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Sigur Rós album begin to kick in. Near the end of the song, Kesha belts out a triumphant high note as she states that she hopes the person whom the song is about is somewhere praying. “Praying” has already garnered over 11 million views on YouTube, 4 million streams on Spotify, and has generated acclaim from fans and critics alike. This song is only the first taste of the album, as we will get a new track from “Rainbow” each week leading up to the album release on August 11th. We look forward to hearing what else Kesha has to offer on what may be her best record yet. Watch the music video for “Praying” below –