There are endless talents out there waiting to be discovered day by day, and as much as we like the legends to stay forever these new forces of music will shape up the classics of the future generation. So as much as we’d like to go on and on and on about Madonna, Kate Bush and whatnot, here are 6 freshly released debut albums that puts these artists on track for serious business.

Kacy Hill – Like A Woman

It’s been a couple years since we got an alternative girl like Marina & The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey or Lorde. Kacy Hill seems to take the torch for 2017 with Like A Woman. Releasing a pair of brilliant singles, one delivering glorious left-field pop (“Hard To love”) and one straight to groovy R&B (“Like A Woman”), she shows her versatility along with the distinctively delicate, intimate atmosphere created by her tender voice and tinfoil-y percussion. Delivering a pretty consistent album as well, Hill is definitely one to check out. However, it isn’t all roses, it might get slightly boring as the mood stays constant throughout the record!

Where to start: If you like the pair of singles you’ll love everything else

SUPERFRUIT – Future Friends

A duo formed of two golden voices from the names of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, which many may know from the worldwide a capella sensation Pentatonix, SUPERFRUIT makes futuristic, colourful synth-pop along the lines of Allie X. Their synth-based sound is instantly engaging and just clicks, mixed with the chemistry in their vocals inherited from their times touring worldwide with their vocal band, as they harmonise in octaves Oh Wonder-style in most of their songs. The first part of their debut album titled “Future Friends” starts off with the simplistic “Imaginary Parties”, moving on to the summery “Vacation” and the funky throwback of nineties “Heartthrob”, before closing with the deep house banger of a title track. Part 2 comes out in mid-September which gives you plenty of time to dig this one through – and watch all their hilarious YouTube videos.

Where to start: “Imaginary Parties” then the title track

Vérité – Somewhere In Between

Riding mostly on viral waves, Vérité (by the real name of Kelsey Byrne) has slowly blew up in the underground from various breakout songs from her 3 EPs, most prominently “Strange Enough” and a cover of The 1975‘s “Somebody Else”, before releasing her debut album just last week. Making slick moody electro-pop reminding one of a lighter and less grainy BANKS, one of the highlights on “Somewhere In Between” would be the relatively upbeat “Nothing”, and coincidentally her more expansive EP material is better than the full, and proves her unique stage name is one to remember.

Where to start: Her EP material, the energy-filled “Wasteland” and Sentiment EP in particular

Cigarettes After Sex

Releasing their debut self-titled almost a decade after its formation, the ambient pop collective is formed by Greg Gonzalez in Texas from accidental experimentation. Their array of dreamy, almost post-apocalyptic music, incredibly noir as all their artworks suggest, is formed from the gentle strums of guitar, distant drum snares and the relaxed cooing of Gonzalez. Breathtakingly chilled and haunting, their self-titled is one to pick for your play-pretend music video moments gazing at the sunset during a long car ride.

Where to start: Have a listen at their lead single “Apocalypse”

SZA – Ctrl

You know her from her contribution to Rihanna’s “Consideration”, but she’s here to prove that she makes headlines by herself just fine. Building from the alternative R&B sound, SZA’s (pronounced sizz-uh just in case you’re wondering) record label debut goes for the title of female Frank Ocean, as her deliciously smooth slow jams and runny vocals are reminiscent of his work, nailing the effortless switches of genre just like when “Channel ORANGE” shocked the world in 2012. The most memorable track on the album on first listen would be the unapologetic “Doves In The Wind” with Kendrick Lamar, whether it’s from the groovy nature or, most probably, the over-emphasised use of the word “pussy” (SZA informed that it’s a song “dedicated to vaginas”, as she exploits the typical action of men going out of their way to get them). But what if you’re not an R&B fan? The pop-disco “Prom” sounds the most accessible while equally showing off her firm, powerful vocal talent.

Where to start: “Love Galore”, “Doves In The Wind” and “Prom” are safe bets

Dua Lipa

As England’s yet another new effort to ship out a successful new pop girl since Charli XCX Rita Ora Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa sadly doesn’t meet the commercial criteria probably. But what can’t be denied is that Lipa serves pop gems back and forth. You’d think new tracks from the album would all sound weak compared to the utterly flawless 10/10s that Lipa has already put out before the album, case and point the dark and mysterious “Last Dance”, but the sparse two years of making her debut album (thank her label) has filled every slot on the track list with galvanising, electric moments of pop. And until Dua happens, we will continue to shove it down every reader’s throats.

Where to start: “Be The One”, the sassy “New Rules” then start looping the album
STREAM HERE and also read our review on the album!