After two years, fans had mostly given up on the idea of “Disconnect” finally being released. Once both Marina and Clean Bandit made a sudden teaser of what was going to come shortly, fans quickly pinpointed that this surprise was most likely going to be the two-year-old track once heard at Coachella back in 2015. Not only was the track quickly released, but was also performed live at Glastonbury with Marina singing the live vocals for the second time. Clean Bandit helped express that Marina and her boyfriend Jack both wrote the song together when meeting. Both Marina and Clean Bandit were given credit for the entirety of the components of the track. The track was not what fans had expected to hear after the track’s debut back in 2015. After being stated that multiple versions had been produced and tweaked over, it now seems clear that the production of the song had to be very fluid with Marina and the members of Clean Bandit.

As the record starts, the song feels very minimalistic. Listeners hear the same lyrics they had heard previously, but now against a very different tone of the genre. Marina’s voice flows in a very airy way, as vocal effects show slightly behind the lead vocal. As the chorus comes closer, snaps, light beats, and other electronic tones are introduced. Both acts complement their distinct sounds clearly to the listener. The generally well-known acts in the U.K. brought a track that didn’t necessarily have the same drop or effect that other bangers by Clean Bandit have.

The chorus and bridge prove to be the most impactful pieces of the track. The relatable, sharpened lyrics fit so beautifully along the light synths Clean Bandit brings with their well-acclaimed brand. In the verses, the track can become seemingly boring to the listener. The progression of the track shows though. As the mixture of signature violin, piano, and synth transition back into the track, it demonstrates how much effort was put into makes this song what ‘Disconnect” needed to be in its final form.

Overall, this track is more of a grower than an instant fan-favorite amongst fans of Diamandis and Clean Bandit. As said by Marina, the support by everyone had made the progression and production of the track that much worth it. The record fails at giving a mainstream sound and focuses more on the die-hard fans that had prayed for this song to be released for the past two years.

(7 / 10)