With a three decade long career under her belt, it’s safe to say that Kylie Minogue has secured her rightful place in pop culture. Looking back to her extensive catalog one would be left dumbfounded as to why her discography isn’t worshiped in temples as something of a holy stature. Almost two decades ago, at a time when female pop artists were setting themselves up to regrettably implode, the incredibly durable Kylie Minogue was spiraling in and out of styles, until she clicked.

In 1998, after being dropped from her label following the poor performance of her sixth studio album, the trip-hop influenced “Impossible Princess”, she turned to another label releasing the disco infused “Light Years”, she continued this vein with another album, one that would re-introduce her to the new millennium, the album titled simply “Fever”.

Released in 2001, with instant Kylie classics such as “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and the disco banger “Love At First Sight”, Minogue had hit all the right notes. An album that does not pretend to be anything it’s not, Fever proved to be a massive hit, thrusting her in the US market after a decade long absence. Her former label ‘Deconstruction Records’ took cues from it’s name and ultimately shut down in following years, giving Kylie the last laugh.

Fever is simply a classic dance album, whose legacy remains unmarred from mute Madonna comparisons or downright disrespectful mention of the other untalented girl known for abnormally altered lips who happens to share her first name with real-deal.

Perhaps, maybe a millennia from now, our future successors will stumble upon this gorgeous dance album and gaze upon it’s glossy cover and listen to it’s contents, maybe then it will be placed in a temple and worshiped, as it rightfully should.