Reigning queen of synth-pop Allie X has a new offering for the world today. Her debut album COLLXTION II was one of the things that really came out on top in the cluster of absolute greatness released in June music-wise, and “Paper Love” is that solid single that would stay on your playlist for months on end. You’d think for such perfection you really don’t need anything to make it even more perfect, but here’s an acoustic version anyway.

It comes with this colorful surreal video in true Allie X fashion. Highlights of the video include the green plastic(ish) bag on Allie’s head, the live whistles of a guy with red lipstick and a shaved head, and also a blonde pornstache of said person. You can watch the video below and also read our review of COLLXTION II here, with Allie’s own seal of approval.