Allie X has been in the industry for years now. Her experimental and synthpop music has pulled millions of people into checking her out, and some have gone, but many have stayed to see what she does next. After releasing her debut studio EP, ‘Collxtion I’, Allie X is back with her official ten track debut album, ‘CollXtion II’. For both of these projects, Allie has writing credits on every single song, and almost all track have a producing credit, which I like to see. I love when artists take control of their work, and then they are the proudest when it is released. The album has been long in the making, taking two years, but that time wasn’t silent. In that time Allie began an Unsolved era, where she released some unfinished and some finished songs for the fans, and marked their reaction. For this album, only three tracks grace the tracklist, leaving us with 7 completely new songs, not to mention two of the three older songs have a brand new production job.

The album opens with the lead single, and one of the best tracks on the album, ‘Paper Love’. The song is about love that is so fragile, it is almost like paper. The songs production is amazing, and something Allie has never done. The whistle hook is fun and infectious, and is something you’d least expect from Allie after her last work. Her vocals are light and airy and fit the production, which is under the same mood.

On the other hand, the second single, ‘Need You’, hits low for me. Although the song isn’t bad, I don’t see myself wanting to listen to it again. The song features Valley Girl, a Michigan based singer/songwriter. His voice nicely enhances the track, as they both sing about needing one another at one point, and wishing it was true. Although the vocals are well done, but the production can get too dreamy and boring at some points. It wouldn’t be a song I would have on repeat. But, I do still like the song, but I don’t feel like it’s up to par with the rest.

One artist that Allie is quite familiar with is Troye Sivan. She has written many songs for him, so it makes a lot of sense for him to write with her on a song, and that’s what happens on ‘Vintage’. This song is a completely BANGER. The production is upbeat, and brings your spirits up every time you hear it. This track is one of my favorites, its catchy, and I could see it being the next single. Another favorite has to be ‘Lifted. This track is another banger, and has a huge chorus. I love the sound it produces, and Allie’s vocals sound fresh and beautiful. I love this track a lot, definitely my new obsession. ‘Simon Says’ is next, and another amazing song. Allie’s vocals seem dreamy and almost sleepy, and that makes this instrumental over the top. I love it so much. The atmosphere of this track couldn’t get any better. The song reminds me a lot of Allie’s previous song ‘BITCH’, and to confirm my suspicious Allie recently said that they are related.

But, this album isn’t just full of bangers. Allie brings a new side to her music with ‘True Love Is Violent’. The track shows off Allie’s amazing vocal ability, and ends the album relaxing note. The simplistic production leaves her vocals to do all the work, and they sure do. The lyrics are clever and I love everything this track does.

Overall, this is one of my favorites albums released this year. The production is something we’ve never heard from Allie before, and her experimentation on this album shows. Even though it’s only ten tracks, each song is unique and has something I enjoy about it. I can’t wait to see what she does next, and I know this album will be on repeat for me.

Essentials: Paper Love, Vintage, Lifted, Simon Says, True Love Is Violent

9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)