Hands up, It’s a hold up.

After a rocky start to the year Queen B is back. Yas honey, The Azealia Banks! She has taken all that energy from trolling on twitter to making her latest hit ‘Chi Chi.’ A non-stop bop from us at PopCulture.

This single brings a new side to Azealia, neglecting her dance vibes to serve us some of that real New York heat. We all know Azealia has bars and we all know she can hold a steady flow, remember L8R, Luxury, Liquorice, 1991? The list really goes on. This single is bringing the very same vibes but better. I hope this is a warm up to a new album… The single is already receiving plenty good reviews and things are finally picking up for the rapper.

You can find ‘Chi Chi’ on every music outlet available, tweet us your summer17 playlists, I better see this track and her other bangers on there!