Katy Perry – Swish Swish // Song Review

On friday, Katycats were thrilled to hear they’d be receiving a new song alongside a Pre-Order of Katy‘s upcoming fifth studio album ‘Witness‘.

Previously having the group Migos assist her, on the song titled “Swish SwishKaty opts to feature another hip-hop artist, one pop fans would actually be excited about, Nicki Minaj.

The song begins with a pitched hook from 2001’s “Star 69” by Fatboy Slim, after which Katy begins singing. It does not have much to offer vocally, but then again Katy is not known for her vocal prowess, but what comes out of her mouth on the four minute track is pretty palpable.


“Funny my name keeps comin’ outcho mouth ‘Cause I stay winning…” she sings, accompanied with a house loop. Without having to borrow from firearm references, Katy with her quirky lyrics, effortlessly rips apart any naysayers who may or may not have become caricatures of a venomous snake.

Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Rap’ Nicki Minaj comes in at just the right moment, even showing off her one-octave singing ability amidst her verse. Fans immediately noted that the instrumental of the song sounded too much like Nicki’s “Truffle Butter” from her 2014 effort ‘The Pinkprint’, although similiar, the lack of any nauseous innuendos makes Swish Swish the easier one to digest.


Amongst other observations, fans also suggested the lyrics might hint at Katy’s public feud with country star Taylor Swift. Australian Model Ruby Rose, was quick to jump to Taylor‘s defense hours after the song came out, tweeting her disgust and comparing Katy to a “bully”. I suppose, waiting for her guest starring role on Orange Is The New Black to return from maximum security or trying to secure an official spot on Taylor’s girl-squad has severely affected her memory. Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes.

Packed with receipts(literally) on Swish Swish, Katy gives us a much stronger effort compared to it’s predecessors Chained to The Rhythm and Bon Appétit, a taste of what’s to come on Jehovah’s Witness.

(9 / 10)

Swish Swish bish another bop in the basket! 


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    • Taylor’s reject meaning her entire discography?