No doubt about it, 2017 is the year of female comebacks to the music industry. With mostly males dominating the charts, female artists have begun coming back for their own success. Artists like Katy Perry, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and most recently, Selena Gomez have released material this year. Selena released the lead single for her newest album on May 18th titled ‘Bad Liar’. The pop rock track has a new sound we really haven’t heard from Selena and definitely a departure from her most recent album, ‘Revival’. Join me as I review the new song.

The song begins with a simple beat and quickly after that Selena’s vocals follow. The vocals sound a little oddly off from the production, and it makes it sound a little messy. But, it does even out in the chorus where the production and vocals match, and it seems a lot more polished. The production in general is honestly quite simple and doesn’t fit in with the usual synth filled bangers we hear from Selena; but I do applaud her for doing something different.

Onto the worst part of the song, the lyrics. The rhymes seem forced and it seems very very lazy. Besides the line “With my feelings on fire / Guess I’m a bad liar”, the track is very mediocre and even just completely terrible in some places. One of the worst parts has to be The Battle Of Troy reference she makes, which is such a stretch and would’ve been fine without a rhyme. The lyrics as a whole is huge step down from her previous work, and I’m hoping to see an improvement on this album that is rumored to be released with his song.

The chorus is definitely is the largest highlight of the song overall. The catchy beat and lyrics will get stuck in your head for the day, and even if it’s very repetitive, I can still enjoy it. The production is upbeat and the lyrics are a lot better than the verses. The beat is infectious I love it for that. My favorite part of the whole track has to be when the production stops, and she sings “With my feelings on fire /  Guess I’m a bad liar”. Her tone sounds amazing, and the rhyme is amazing and works very well.

Overall, this track honestly isn’t bad for me. The song gets better with every listen and lyrics aside, the song is fun and the perfect chill track. I’m happy to see Selena experiment with her sound, and the track has grown on me quickly. I’m excited to see what this album has is holding, and what else Selena has to offer. But, the track sadly has some huge flaws and that’s why it can’t be rated too high for me.

(6.5 / 10)