This is officially Katy’s week. Not only she has countless major promo scheduled, but she also revealed the release date for Witness (the album) and her North American tour that will follow! We thought it would be nice to go back and rank our favourite popstar’s singles – to keep it nice and simple we did not include promotional singles!

10. Dark Horse

Despite being released just 4 years ago, this track is already among one of her classics. Featuring one of her most epic pre-choruses ever, Katy delivered her darkest sounding song with Dark Horse. If she released this nowadays, it would still go #1 – it has an extremely fresh production that I think will perdure in the years to come. Dark Horse is one of those songs that have you chained to the replay button for months and months. Speaking of which…

9. Chained To The Rhythm

If there’s a song that represents 2017 as a whole, this is Chained To The Rhythm – mostly due to its soft, almost elevator like, backing track paired up with rose color references throughout the song. For the first time, Katy seems to step out of her comfort zone lyric-wise and made a song about our society in general, including countless hidden messages in both the lyric and official music videos.

8. Roar

One of Katy’s biggest songs is Roar – not because of its success, but rather due to its wide production. The chorus is the highlight for obvious reasons, Katy has always been an expert in inspirational lyrics, but in Roar she reaches a level of strength and motivation only comparable to that of Firework. A simple, yet varied set of percussion help laying the foundation to the song and act as the main instrument throughout the track. Overall, one of Katy’s best attempts at the perfect pop song!

7. I Kissed A Girl

Katy’s debut album gave us two massive pop masterpieces, and one of those is I Kissed A Girl. A simple, tight drum beat and a few electric guitars was all she needed to make one of her coolest song ever – which I personally think will be hard to beat! Lyrics obviously water down the overall greatness of the song, but again, she clearly went down this route to come off as a “good girl gone bad”.

6. California Gurls

This is where singles start being just too good to be ranked so just consider anything after this of the same level. California Gurls was not the song of the summer for no reason, it has everything needed to succeed; uptempo beat, catchy melody and summery lyrics. For me, it is definitely one of the greatest pop songs of all time and I think that it will be one of those songs that will be played in 30 years when talking about 2010!


5. Teenage Dream

Lorde thinks there’s something holy about it, and so do we! Teenage Dream is yet another of her classics which she will struggle to outdo! From start to finish, the feel-good melody and lyrics lift you off the ground to a whole different world of teenage love and happiness! Definitely the ultimate pop song.

4. Hot N Cold

Even though all the preceding singles in this list are iconic, this one is my favourite Katy uptempo song – brings back many memories of 2008 and is the single that I am most personally attached to. The drum pattern is incredibly tight and danceable, complementing Katy’s catchiest melodies ever! Hot N Cold’s chorus is made just for live concerts, for everyone to sing their hearts out, as it is one of Katy’s biggest anthems.

3. Firework

In Firework, Katy transitioned into a part-time inspirational singer, as shown by singles released later on such as Roar or Rise. Her voice is suits perfectly in such settings, as it is extremely wide and round. Firework’s instrumentation surely help making this one of the biggest songs ever written in history, its staccato strings during the pre-chorus give an epic vibe to the whole song that could not have been achieved otherwise. Every little aspect in her vocal performance make this a very special song – specially in moments such as when she sings the word “ignite”, as it adds a strength that seems out of this world! All this makes Firework one of Katy’s best songs ever.

2. Wide Awake

I know this will be quite a controversial #2 (and also the #1) but I truly think that Katy outdid herself in Wide Awake. Not only it has a good message of self-assurance and strength, but its beat has some kind of power that makes you feel empowered to do anything and kind of sway to it! The backing vocals saying “I’m wide awake” used as a part of the music are just genius. Overall, it is quite similar to Firework, but this one has much more power and comes off as less fake as the former in its intentions.

1. Rise

Yes I said it, Rise is Katy’s best single even though the whole top 5 is as good. For the first time, she tried something much darker than her previous releases. If she had not messed up by singing at the DNC, it could have become an iconic Olympics song… Its slow beat and atmospheric production further injects the song with unmatched power – all this without taking into consideration Katy’s perfect vocal delivery. This song is definitely the best she has ever done and also amongst the best Max Martin has ever produced too!

So… What do you think? Did we overrate her ballads? Which one’s your favourite?