Katy Perry – Bon Appétit // Song Review

It has been since February that pop superstar Katy Perry released her comeback single, ‘Chained To The Rhythm’. The song did reasonably well, gaining over 200,000,000 streams on the music video, and the stream of Spotify. The song was certified gold in the United Kingdom as well. But at the end of April, Katy surprised us all with her newest single, ‘Bon Appétit’ for support on her upcoming fourth studio album. The dance-pop track features rap trio Migos, as it comes to a duration of 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Join us as we review the brand new track!

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The song begins with a synth pattern and you can hear Migos introducing the listener to the track, and then quickly begins the the chorus of the track, which is “‘Cause I’m all that you want baby / All that you can have boy”. Right off the bat, not only can I tell that this track will be food related metaphorically, which reminded me of her song ‘Birthday’. I like the idea, but the lyrics aren’t very top notch, but it is a pop song meant for dance, so it’s not much of a surprise.

The chorus ends and the production takes a more toned down vibe for the verses. Katy uses the lyrics to make for a more sexual approach, but with the food and cooking metaphors that the lyrics hold. The pre-chorus tones the production to a little less toned down, and adds an extra synth layer, and her vocals sound really good. She ends the pre-chorus with “I’m on the menu”, which is a great gateway into the chorus.

The chorus returns with the same synth pattern returns, and the chorus remains the same way the song opens. The verses return for a  little, but the verses feel a little like they drag on, which I don’t like. The chorus returns and behind Katy’s voice you can hear synths leading up to a large drop, and when she finishes the verse, there is a moment of silence, and the production intensifies. I love what she did with this chorus, it will definitely a good thing for radio, since dance music is huge right now. When the chorus is close to ending, you hear Migos joining Katy and then it is time for their verse.

Migos’ verse is alright, but for me it was nothing to rave about. I did not feel like it fully benefited the track, but it’s not a horrible addition. You can hear the distinction between their voices, which I like. I would rather a group and few more people get to rap rather than just one, it adds some new tone.

Overall, I am really into ‘Bon Appétit’. The track is fun and hip, and will be a great radio hit. If this is the direction KP4 goes, I will be so excited. This more experimental production on this track holds for a new sound, but it is exactly on brand as well. To conclude, I love this track, but the verses can get a little boring and repetitive. Migos’ verse is alright, but not my favorite.

(7.5 / 10)