Lana Del Rey’s Top 5 Singles // Ranked.

Throughout the years, Lana Del Rey has been able to catch the general public’s attention a few times. Here are the top 5 unbeatable singles Lana Del Rey has released since the beginning of her mainstream career. Either for its commercial success or lyrical meanings, these 5 tracks reached the attention of fans as well as general listeners from around the world.

  1. Love

For the first time, listeners hear Lana bluntly say she is writing the music for you, the fans who were so devoted into whatever Lana needed to release for herself in the past on “Born To Die,” “Paradise,” “Ultraviolence,” and “Honeymoon.” After most fans were disappointed by the outcome of “Honeymoon,” “Love” was on much more of a positive note. Charting at 44 on the Billboard Hot 100, Lana was able to raise her spot of success after previous single “High By the Beach” which landed in the 50’s.

  1. West Coast

“West Coast” was a huge step for Lana’s artistic integrity after the “Born To Die” era which included the release of extended play “Paradise.” While not being as orchestral or instantly moving like a Lana classic “Video Games,” this 2014 record displays Lana choosing Hollywood and fame over her past and personal life. “West Coast” reached a suprisingly #17 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming an instant fan favorite off of “Ultraviolence. The essence of rock in roll/retro Hollywood was brought back into the limelight. A key point of this era was embracing vintage pop culture, which is something Lana had portrayed very well.

  1. Video Games

Lana’s debut single, “Video Games,” took the world by storm as it had critics stunned after first listen. The track went gold in the United States, as well as reaching platinum status in the United Kingdom and Australia. The track explains itself as an “ode to being alone,” and a statement to find the “illusion of happiness.” Being a very emotional and connecting to the hearts of listeners, “Video Games” message of being ignored while trying everything, from pretending to be bad girl to even playing video games. The message of this song alone made it a mainstream sucess in 2012, intorucing the general public before the worldwide hit “Summertime Sadness.”

  1. High By The Beach

While not having much chart impact, “High By The Beach” was an impactful single in Lana’s career, having extreme presences of trap/modern productional influences. The visuals of the Honeymoon era began with this single, and this single beautifully introduced the vintage aspect that Lana was trying to portray while emphasizing such a modern track like “High By The Beach. The record is seen as one of Lana’s most catchy singles, following the smash “Summertime Sadness.” Generally, the song is seemingly relatable to listeners, Lana wants to relax away from her problems, being high by the beach.

  1. Summertime Sadness

Lana’s most popular track, reaching worldwide success, went platinum on its own, while the remix of the track went 2x its platinum on it’s own, garnering 3 million singles in just the United States. The track began reaching high success in Europe and Australia shortly after, where it reached 4x platinum. The record delves into reminiscing about the dark side of love, and that your lover kissing you before you go begins before “Summertime Sadness.” Being a fan favorite, Lana’s most acclaimed track of all time made “Born To Die” the phenominon and sucess it was in 2012 and furthur on, lasting longer on the BIllboard Hot 100 longer than any other alternative female artist.