The underrated pop artist from Australia, Betty Who, released an album which had raised listeners expectations of Betty’s capabilities raised compared to her previous releases. Betty delves even deeper into vintage aspects of music production. We hear acapella, rap, spoken word, and silky vocals throughout songs like “Some Kinda Wonderful” and “Mama Say.” While this album is highly more contemporary in many ways, Betty makes up with the enhanced sound of diversity throughout every single track. This new record shows the growth and rise of contemporary in as once know as “indie-pop’ music.

To start off, we have “The Valley,” a small but impactful intro. “You don’t love me like you did before.” Betty is coming from The Valley, simply. Next up, we have one of the bangers hoping to come from this album, “Some Kinda Wonderful.” This track is the definition of a perfect pop song, “clapping your hands if it feels good.” Like Betty says, she wants someone, and someone wants her. This album is filled with these bops which fit the idea of what a perfect pop song is. Songs, almost seen as ballads such as “You Can Cry Tomorrow” go into deep topics of love and relationships while having an uplifting flare in the strong vocal tone Betty performs throughout the song. Other tracks, like “Pretend You’re Missing Me,” and “Human Touch” are some of the most modern tracks on the album, simply due to the use of synth and catchy beats following the track that is more familiar to listeners in 2017.

Overall, this new record is a breath of fresh air compared to the other releases of 2017. The album showed that it is cohesive in many ways, and is filled with production showing some of the most unique takes of what makes a pop record a pop record. Betty’s future looks as it will grow to be even more sophisticated throughout her music. Betty’s music career can easily only grow from here.

 (8.5 / 10)