Louis The Child is an electronic duo consisting of two 20-year-olds in Chicago, namely Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett. Starting off from making remixes and edits on Soundcloud, they started to gain fame with their brilliant debut single “It’s Strange” featuring K. Flay. After being picked out in a list of music recommendations by none other than Taylor Swift, then being featured on the FIFA 16 soundtrack, the careers of these two promising young musicians has gained loads of traction. Their newly released EP showed even more promise to them being one of the best in electronic music.

In the 6 songs included in “Love Is Alive”, Louis The Child creates short little doses of electronic greatness. While closely following the musical patterns set by established acts like Flume – sometimes too close that it might as well be a track of his – it’s still quite impressive that a brand new act can sound this experienced and smooth in what they do. For example, their previously released song “Fire” is brilliant synth-pop, instantly appealing and nicely-sounding when it’s either banged out loud in a nightclub to flashing lights, or when it’s played on your earphones. On the contrary, they weren’t afraid to slow down the tempo with “World On Fire”, a bluesy laid-back tune that acts as a nice intermission from all the beats and deep basses.

Their ability in producing has also been assisted by equally talented vocal collaborations, with most of them being up and coming artists as well, like Chelsea Cutler on “Slow Down Love”. While the sound of the EP is quite focused on the instrumental, they sure try their best to steal a share of their well deserved spotlight. The biggest highlight of the EP comes at the very end, on the title track featuring Elohim. With the robotic, pop-influenced vocals, it’s an absolute banger with an incredibly bassy and addictive chorus, and the best way to close this debut EP that shows good potential for the future.

6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)