Today’s notable new pop offerings include –

Zara Larsson dropped her debut album today, finally. At the same day Clean Bandit drops their follow-up to the massive “Tears” and “Rockabye” featuring Zara, titled “Symphony”. To everybody’s expectations after seeing “Clean Bandit” on the artist name, the song’s an absolute banger, and a brilliant close to Zara’s otherwise meh album. We have a track-by-track review out and you can read our thoughts here.

Betty Who has a promo single out again for her album next week, and every time a new track from her gets released, the bigger the temptation to track down whoever the artwork designer for Betty’s album cover is and smack him right in the face. Bangers like these don’t just deserve half a pair of legs put on a gray backdrop and some modern font put onto it.

Tinashe has a song out, presumbly for “Joyride” but who the fuck knows these days, but for the first time in her career she’s actually created something… basic. What a breakthrough.

Mura Masa and Charli XCX’s new single artwork has great resemblance to the Life Of Pablo artwork, whether or not intended. They’ve made some kinda minimalistic pop sound together which is quite cool.

Machine Gun Kelly has a new thing out with Hailee Steinfeld. If you’re into that you can check it out and tell us how we think because there’s no way we’ll gather enough motivation to get a click on that.

Apparently there’s Drake tomorrow as well so look forward to that. A playlist conveniently containing all songs mentioned above (and some more new releases) can be found below.