Two hundred and forty minutes, or alternatively four hours- this is the amount of time it would take to listen to every unreleased Lady Gaga song [not even including demo versions of studio album tracks and unreleased collaborations on top of that]. Lady Gaga has gave us huge Dance centric Pop hits such as ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ and of course ‘Bad Romance’ but which of the 65 unreleased tracks floating around online are so good, Interscope could basically make an entire EP of them? In this article let’s countdown the definitive five tracks that were missed opportunities on Gaga’s part.

To make this list even more definitive I am not including unreleased material that has; leaked only partially, only been performed live but never had it’s studio version leaked (sorry Princess Die fans), was made for movie soundtracks and I am also discounting any pre-Gaga songs that were available online for purchase via her MySpace page in 2006-2008, as these are still technically released material- even if they’re independent releases.


As a Little Monster, one knows that Lady Gaga’s love of many different music genres runs deep, making Pop accessible versions of almost every genre she loves is also a skill of hers and ‘Second Time Around’ is no different. Essentially the track is a Pop ballad that has hefty influence from nineties and noughties R&B music, the track features emotional lyrics that speak of trying to give a broken relationship another try- only to find that it’s harder the second time around. The track has mid 2000s hit written all over it, and had ‘The Fame’ gone in a more Hip-Hop/R&B sonic direction, perhaps the song would’ve made the final cut and even gone on to be a single, I’m sure you can imagine a stadium of sixty thousand or so people screaming the lyrics “I don’t know what to tell you now / It’s always harder, the second time around!” even in 2017!

4.​ ​NO WAY

Continuing on our journey of R&B influenced excellence, ‘No Way’ beats ‘Second Time Around’ only slightly because of it’s sheer melancholy and excellent chorus. The track is an emotional rollercoaster of anger and sadness that features piano chords, synthesizers and 808 snare drums whilst speaking about Gaga discovering her lover is in fact cheating on her with another woman. The most poignant lyrics reside in the second verse “I just woke up / But I wish that it was a nightmare / ‘Cuz when I have those / It isn’t real like this one is.” and her vocals shine through on the track due to the lack of autotune and passion she emotes through her vocals. The song bares heavy similarities melodically and instrumentally to ‘Quicksand’ another song Gaga wrote with producer Fernando Garibay for Britney Spears’ album ‘Circus’ that was released in 2008.

‘No Way’ was originally intended for The Fame, however Gaga and Garibay made the song a little too late in the recording process of the album having to shelve it with Fernando stating they were “saving it for later”. Well Fernando later has come and we still haven’t had this unreleased gem on an album yet.



At number three is a cover Gaga did in recent years for the Tom Ford SS16 collection. The song was never officially released online nor any album, but many fans wanted it to be, ‘I Want Your Love’ is a cover of the hit single made famous by the disco group Chic in the 1970s at the peak of the disco era and this version that Gaga recorded features more modern Dance elements to amp up the song a touch more. The song features Gaga’s raw and unedited vocals backed by Nile Rogers and… well… herself as backing vocals on the track, with an infectious staccato guitar flooding the song from start to finish and a fantastic string driven breakdown with Gaga’s compressed vocals uttering “ Le Chic / Le Freak!”.The song is powerful, infectious and different from what is flooding radio right now- meaning Disco is most definitely a genre Miss Germanotta should one hundred percent consider trying to do more of, she’s already gave us a taste of Disco on both ‘The Fame’, ‘Born This Way’ and even on the album track “Fashion!” from her third studio album ‘ARTPOP’ so why not give us a full fledged 21st century Disco album?


It’s getting down to the neck-and-neck now, whilst it was a difficult decision to make the decision from Gaga’s WHOLE unreleased collection I present to you her second definitive unreleased song ‘Brooklyn Nights’. This track was originally intended to be on ‘ARTPOP’ but lost the battle for track 12 to ‘Mary Jane Holland’, the song is easily Gaga’s most melancholy and emotionally honest track in her whole discography collectively, the song is an enigma in Gaga’s discography as it is one of the only songs she possesses that doesn’t contain an ounce of metaphor.‘Brooklyn Nights’ features Gaga’s signature head voice vocals found in her hits from 2008 and her signature 1980s influence throughout, the song talks about her ex lover Luc Carl whom she had an on-off relationship for 7 years with calling it “bad luck dating” on the track. The chorus is amongst her most epic featuring straight laced and completely honest lyrics “It’s not that I don’t wanna love you / it’s not that I’m really over it / You know? / it’s just that I can’t watch us bleed to death / When we used to be / Brooklyn nights happy.”

The track would have easily switched places with the #1 pick had it not had rather heavily edited vocals, that being said, I have only three words; Poignant Perfect Pop.





And finally the number one unreleased Lady Gaga track is… ‘Nothin’ On (But The Radio)’.
Very rarely do you come across Pop songs that basically scream smash hit at you from the first synth riff, and that’s exactly was this track does, the song was originally written and recorded in 2008 and since it’s leak in 2010 the song has been subject to debate as to whether or not Gaga actually is the singer on the track, however, in a Twitter Q&A with fans in 2013- Gaga essentially confirmed the track was hers when a fan asked if she had re-recorded it for the album, although she did not give a straight answer she did say that she was known for giving her unreleased material what she called an “ARTPOP makeover”. The track features Gaga’s signature ‘The Fame’ style, essentially an Electro-Pop track with Dance-Pop influences thrown in here and there, the chorus melody is simply heavenly and the verses have melodies that are just as great to boost!

The song is about Gaga calling up her boyfriend telling him to “get here soon” saying she will have nothing on but the radio, the title was inspired by the famous Marilyn Monroe quote where she stated she has “nothing on but perfume” when she goes to bed at night. The track could fit in very easily with Gaga’s debut and could have easily been another gigantic Gaga smash alongside ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Just Dance’. What’s even better is, thanks to Gaga’s confirmation in the fan Q&A mentioned earlier, there could very well be a fully re-recorded modern take of this track just sitting on Gaga’s Macbook. If you want to leak it anytime soon Gaga I’m sure your fans would appreciate it!