Charli XCX, Lorde (again) and Goldfrapp – 10 March // Best New Music

In yet another release week of music, the ones that are the most noteworthy and important include –

  • Charli XCX releases her ghetto, edgy *mixtape* to the world today. Yeah it’s not pop at all, but the opening “Dreamer” sounds quite nice, and so does the Mura Masa / Mufie collab “Babygirl”. In fact this alternative Charli sound can stay if her pop sound’s turned into the confusing lullaby and party anthem hybrid that is “After The Afterparty”, but we absolutely wouldn’t mind if this pop album can drop ASAP.
  • The new Lorde song opens with the classic “ready 1-2-3-4” from producers in studios in search for authenticity and “rawness” – it’s not bad at all. For a promotional single at least, because it’s a piano ballad and it brings plenty of feels but not much upbeat pop banger greatness. Album details are also out (11 Lorde tracks coming in exactly 3 months and a week, pretty surreal isn’t it), so let’s say one more instant grat in early May or so then we’ll get the full treatment.
  • Nicki Minaj suddenly dropped 3 songs and that’s a bit too much for us to handle so we’ll just put all 3 on our New Music playlist and decide later on which one’s the best.
  • Stargate (the producer) has a major label now, and their debut single features Sia and P!nk, which is quite promising by just the looks of it. The turnout? Not quite.
  • The Goldfrapp album is actually going to be amazing.
  • Another highlight of the week goes to Little Dragon‘s new tune. In recent years they’ve appeared in Flume and KAYTRANADA features (both amazing tracks), but now they’ve returned for their first album in 3 years. Also turning out to be quite amazing.
  • Quite a big week for pop overall. Maybe some Katy Perry next week? Please?

You can check out all songs listed above (and some more new music that’s not mentioned) in the playlist below.