It has been awhile since the London based singer/songwriter, FKA twigs, has released music. Her most recent work was “Good To Love” in just a year ago, but we thought it would be good time to focus on one of her older works, an EP titled M3LL155X. The EP was finished around November 15th 2014, which was the same year her debut album, LP1 was released, and dropped in 2015, specifically August 13. This experimental extended play houses 5 unique songs; each one more different and fresh from the last. Something that I found very interesting on this EP was how much FKA contributed to both writing and producing it. She has credits on every single track, which is sadly something you don’t see very often in the industry today. She also worked with producer Boots for almost every track, which after a little research, he seems to have worked quite a bit on Beyonce’s self titled album as well. Let’s see if her working on all the tracks came for a better or worse outcome.

Figure 8

The opening track on the album is titled ‘Figure 8’, starting with the lyric, “Let me live/ Through your voice”, which is an interesting way to open the EP. The production is already surprising me, there is a lot of depth to it, but it is very relaxing and gives a very chill sort of vibe off. The bridge verse isn’t really something I enjoyed, I could honestly do without it. The song itself doesn’t really have many lyrics, and not even a chorus, although being over three minutes long. The production and different effects on her voice really carry the song. All around though, this is a great way to open the EP, and I like the song itself, but as stated, not really a fan of the bridge. 7/10

I’m Your Doll 

Following the first track, we have ‘I’m Your Doll’. Since I’ve found FKA, this has been one of my personal favorites from the EP. It is just so crazy and out there that it works. Even though the chorus is very repetitive, the production allows for this, since one again, it carries the track. Even though these songs do not have many lyrics, the lyrics they do have are extremely well written. In this song especially, the line:  “I’m feeling like a loaded gun / And when it’s done I’m the only one” is a highlight of the lyrics definitely. Overall, this is a very well done track, and I love the vibe it gives off. 9/10

In Time

We have arrived the first and only single released as part of the EP, a song called ‘In Time’. Already, I can see why this was released a single. Her vocals sound angelic, and is maybe the most radio friendly track thus-far. I love the instrumental, the production is outstanding, and definitely the best I’ve heard. The track does have the most lyrics so far, but it is once again repetitive. The track is very toned-down in the verses, and the chorus picks it up and makes it a fun song. There are these odd gun noises though, and I could do without them. Other than that, I am fan of this track. I love the way the instrumental closes too, a way I haven’t heard on this EP at all. It keeps your attention and I like when artists do that. 10/10

Glass & Patron

After ‘In Time’, we are brought to the second-to-last track on the EP, Glass & Patron. This has been arguably the second largest song on the EP, due to it’s dance-y beat. Off the bat, I can see this is more of ‘club’ type of song. Once again, the track doesn’t have too many lyrics, but still has a reasonable amount nonetheless. The lyrics are alright, not quite up to par with the rest, but still does have some lyrics that stand out. Lyrically, I like the bridge the best. “Teach yourself to rise from ashes built from lust and hurt” is one of the largest standouts. This track actually has a sped up part, which surprisingly fits the track. The verse is catchy and fun. Instrumentally, this track hasn’t really impressed me due to what else was on the EP so far, but still is very well done. 8/10


‘Mothercreep’ is the final track on the EP. Much like the opener, this track has very little lyrics, and focuses on the instrumental. This track already has a very different instrumental than we have heard on this EP. She also focuses on her vocals, which blends beautifully with the flowy instrumental. The lyrics, “Advocating every second, every minute / To my mind it’s so sweet / And I wish you could see it” are real standouts of the song. Overall, this track brought something new to the EP, and is all-around a well done song. Very enjoyable. 8/10


Overall, this is such a new and fresh piece of art that has graced the music industry. Even though FKA twigs quite “out there” the production and lyrics on some of these track really blew me away. I thoroughly enjoy the place the EP went, and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this type of interesting music. Highlights were definitely ‘On Time’ and ‘I’m Your Doll’ they impressed me so much and really made me fall in love with what this EP held. It clearly shows that she is not here to follow trends, but create them, and that is really admirable to me. I am so excited and ready for whatever follows this EP.

8.4 out of 10 stars (8.4 / 10)