Chained To The Rhythm

Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm // Single Review

Katy Perry dropped today Chained To The Rhythm, her latest single – which she will perform the 12th at the Grammy’s, and fans have gone a little crazy! She kicked off the era with a small snippet and a scavenger hunt where she would distribute a series of disco balls throughout the world which her fans had to find to listen to a part of her single that was played in them! Quite an experience in my opinion!

Coming back to the song, it is a mid-tempo 80s future funk track, wrote by Katy herself with Max Martin, Sia and the featured artist Skip Marley (Bob’s grandson!). Musically it doesn’t really stand out from earlier Max Martin productions except for those more prominent future funk influences. I really dig the strong bassline and the almost hidden marimbas in the background! Another great effect is the cutoff filter applied in the intro & second verse to the music, which gives it an instant retro feeling. Anyways… the lyrics is where the whole thing is at!

Hiding as an inoffensive pop song, Chained To The Rhythm is actually a quite conscious “wake up” song. The lyrics are about how society is chained to a routine (rhythm) and sit idly to injustice because we’re all living in a bubble (bubble)! Juxtaposing the “we think we’re free” line with “drink! this one’s on me” might seem odd at first, but after paying close attention to the whole song, it’s rather a genius idea. Many have interpreted the lyrics in different ways, but I personally think it’s quite an apolitical song about social issues in general and our passiveness to them. Skip Marley is quite a nice addition that actually gives strength to the overall feeling of the song, contrary to what usually happens with featuring artists nowadays in pop music!

Overall I’m quite impressed by Chained To The Rhythm and I’m waiting impatiently for the whole album, which is likely going to drop this summer! What are your thoughts on the album? Comment below! I would like to know your lyric’s interpretation!

(9 / 10)



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