The up-and-coming London alt-rock band Everywhere released their sophomore EP Fiction Act last week and I’m here to review it for you! Their press release says that they ”divided their time between Stockholm, Los Angeles and London to collaborate with multiple producers, including American hit maker Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers)“, so this EP should be quite interesting to listen to, and most of all – should serve quality!

Starting off with a high-energy banger called Shades At Night, Fiction Act is an uptempo pop-rock EP with strong influences from several bands such as The Killers. The opening song is one of the best and catchiest tunes, even though its production sounds a bit dated – more like a Born This Way track. There’s a strong Swedish influence in the songwriting throughout the EP, something which I don’t really enjoy since it’s a pretty overused sound – but they manage to give a different spin to it, making it far more enjoyable! Heroine is basically a slower version of Shades At Night, but it doesn’t sound bad at all! The biggest issue with this song, in every track actually, is the weird way the vocals are processed – not to do with the vocal ability, but rather with the way they have been edited which makes it sound a bit too dirty. This song is probably one of the growers of the EP, starts off as a filler but giving it a few more listens it really does fit well.



In the second half of the record is where we can find the truly interesting tracks, we can easily tell why Some Other Dude has gathered 1 million plays on Spotify! It’s truly a banger and points out a quite nice artistic direction for the band, in the line of Coldplay’s Adventure Of A Lifetime at times – basically a summery, easy to sing along to pop-rock song! The only things that sound a bit off are “oooh”‘s in the choruses, but they also help in giving the band a distinctive sound… maybe? I’m sure of one thing, this will be my go-to happy track – even though the lyrics literally have nothing to do with the feeling you get by listening to the song. And now we reach the end of this short but intense EP with Let It Go, a laid-back 80s inspired pop song. There couldn’t be a better way to wrap up such an energy-packed record, it is almost a perfect progression from the preceding track – from dancing in a crowded room to slightly swaying from side to side in the lonely streets at night! Definitely my favourite song in here, and I hope we will get more of this in their next effort!



Fiction Act is a pretty nice EP which I hope will lead into a full debut album for this promising band! If only this record had a first half as strong as the second one, it would be an amazing EP. I’m really looking forward to more music from them and I wish them the best of lucks! Just if anyone wants to see them live; on January 21 the band is confirmed to headline the Camden Rocks “All Dayer” at Proud in London.

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)