Maggie Rogers – “Dog Years” / “Alaska” // Song Recommendations

i.e. the only two songs the you’ll play for the rest of your day.

Maggie Rogers is a new artist, clearly on that path of high-key weird artistic approaches (see image above). She says it “fits her character” but don’t be put off by that – she geniusly fusions sonically pleasing electronic music and folk music together. The result is “Alaska”, a song she’s written up in 15 minutes that she’s brought up to an university masterclass with Pharrell Williams, and straight up blew his mind. The video went a bit viral, and so did the song itself, as it’s already racked up 18 million plays on Spotify. In the song, folk influences are shown in the simple melodies, while Rogers’ relaxed hums with the electronic production shown in the drop is something simplistic yet as compelling as a bass-filled EDM festival anthem.

Since high school, Rogers has fallen in love with music making. With banjo, piano and guitar in her list of playable instruments, folk music was at first her passion. After studying abroad in France, electronic music got on her radar, and influenced the fusion sound that she’s slowly getting fame from every day.

“Dog Years” is a that she has put out just less than a week ago. Clearly more chilled and somber than “Alaska”, the similarities can still be found from the natural, simple intro formed of bells and a synthline. Listening closely, Rogers’ vocals resembles a bit to great voices like Birdy’s. Either way, it’s still an amazing pop song with great catchy hooks, and still sounds more memorable and refreshing than anything topping the radio.

Maggie’s EP is on the way. God imagine all the possibilities with this one.