Lady Gaga has proven time after time, that behind her outlandish pop persona not only is there a classically trained pianist but someone who also possesses some of the strongest pipes in the music industry at the moment. From her back-to-back Oscar Performances and her Super Bowl gig earlier this year, the whole world by now knows that Gaga can infact SING! But if you needed a little more convincing, we’ve compiled a list of some of her BEST  vocal performances!

05-  National Anthem – Super Bowl 50 

Earlier this year Gaga took the Super Bowl 50 stage to show off her golden pipes, dressed in an all glittery pantsuit and fashionably patriotic American flag heels she belted out the national anthem and at that one point transitioned into her Head Voice giving us a little glimpse of the many wonders her voice is truly capable of. And also leaving us reminiscent of the iconic rendition by the late Whitney Houston.

04 – Marry The Night – Alan Carr 2011

While promoting her second studio album Born This Way(2011), Gaga dropped by Alan Carr: Chatty Man do give us a stirring acoustic rendition of song Marry The Night. Watch as she make an uptempo pop record sound like a soulful classic. We can’t help but wonder if that bow on her head signifies what a gift to the world she really is?

03 – Bang Bang – Cheek To Cheek 

Gaga really surprised the world when she decided to team up with Legendary Jazz Veteran Tony Bennett for their Jazz Hit Cheek To Cheek(2014), but during this classic 1966 Cher cover for their TV Special, Tony let her do her own thing and the Lady delivered. Her breath support and the ability to wrap each lyric with emotion is truly one of the highlights on this performance!


02 – You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King Tribute

Lady Gaga sat down to honor acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Carole King back in 2014, with this Grammy Song of the Year winning 1972 classic. Rotating with her grand white piano, equipped with multiple fog machines, she left everyone in the room including Carole herself who received a resonant shoutout towards the end, in awe of her vocals. Her voice almost seemed like it was floating, she decorates each word from the lyrics with her silky smooth vibrato, the ring in her voice honestly leaves us breathless for more..



01 – The Sound Of Music Medley  – Oscars 2015

Everyone’s jaws on the planet dropped when Lady Gaga took the 87th Academy Award Stage to delivering a medley from The Sound of Music, then celebrating it’s 50 years. She dared to sing all the song in their original key, pushing her voice to it’s full potential. Her operatic delivery received universal acclaim and garnered her a standing ovation from the audience but above all it received praise from the Legendary Julie Andrews herself, who at the end of the performance walked up on the stage to give Gaga a tight hug, later calling performance “unbelievable” and we couldn’t agree more!

That’s our list! Do you agree with us?

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