In a span of 4 years, pop princess Ariana Grande managed to achieve a lot of things in her career. Her biggest hit singles ProblemBreak Free & Bang Bang managed to chart in the top 6 of the Digital Songs Chart at the same time, her being the first artist to reach that since Michael Jackson!

Her sophomore album – My Everything was nominated for ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ at the 2015 Grammy’s. Call it a successful career for a 23 year old woman from Boca Raton, Florida!

Besides the successful singles and videos, we also have the deep tracks on her albums that will make you think about a certain someone, maybe a good friend, a family member, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, who ever it might be. In this post, I will show you the 5 deepest cuts from Ariana’s discography.

01. Tattooed Heart (from her debut album “Yours Truly”)

Considerably one of Ariana’s best tracks to date, if not her best! This track has the special 50s swing vibes to it that makes you fall in love with not only Ariana’s vocals, but also the lyrics that tells you a beautiful story.

A song about having commitment to a relationship, written by Miss Grande herself. She truly shows off her skills as a vocalist and songwriter on this one!


02. Moonlight (from her youngest album “Dangerous Woman)

The album opener for Grande’s recent record Dangerous Woman.

At first listen you might think, what’s so special about this song? Well think again! The song was inspired by her former boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, who called her Moonlight at the time. The story behind the song is beautiful too, Ariana who dedicated Moonlight to Ricky tweeted “a night under the blood moon, that’s all!” as a hint to the song.

Written by Ariana herself, this is a killer track and is a powerballad with stunning vocals, a beautiful production and cute lyrics.


03. Touch It (from her youngest album “Dangerous Woman”)

This could be easily be one of her best tracks, and in my opinion – this is her best track! But you know what they say, there’s no accounting for taste!

Famous producer Max Martin outdid himself with this masterpiece ladies and gentlemen! With a dark bass, distorted synths and vocal effects, Max showed off how to produce a true synth heavy pop track!

A sad love song about Ariana still loving her partner even though they are on a break. Questioning why they ever took a break when both know they love eachother too much to let go.


04. My Everything (from her sophomore album “My Everything”)

This beautiful ballad was dedicated to her grandpa, when she was on her Honeymoon Tour all around the world, who died the same year this track (and album) was released.

Everything about this track is beautiful, the vocals, the production, the lyrics. Nothing bad to say at all.

You can hear for yourself, and let’s be real, it IS a beautiful track!


05. Intro (from her sophomore album “My Everything”)

Kinda ironic of me ending with a song called Intro when this is actually an outro!

This short, but interesting song tells us that Ariana is ready for the next step in the relationship with her “partner”, that she makes promises, dedications and commitment for that specific relationship.

Can you see how this is the actual opposite of the My Everything track? Starting with bringing a relationship to the next level and ending with one leaving?

This just shows how creative Miss Grande is and how much brilliance and intelligence she has in that little body of hers!


If you enjoyed these tracks, don’t hesitate at all to listen to the rest of her discography, just a little precaution: Make sure to put your dancing shoes on and have the time of your life when you listen to it!