JoJo’s Atlantic Records debut, which also happens to be her first album in ten years, is here at last and is promising to offer a more mature taste of the once teenage pop star.

Taking off with Music., a fairly conventional but lyrically powerful piano ballad packed with excellent vocals, Mad Love seems like it’s already building some momentum and is shaping up for a pleasant, yet certainly not seminal listen.

Moving on to the next three tracks, which all happen to be featuring other artists in a genuinely non-intelligent placement, we witness a more punchy, more appealing to her demographic experience which continues throughout… just these three tracks. The title track Mad Love. is a beautifully balanced track, offering a more relaxed though definitely enjoyable listen.

Unfortunately, JoJo is unable to keep up the vibe going after the sixth track titled, well, Vibe. Even though it’s a basic pop song that would be a perfect fit for several pop artists looking for a cheap hit, it’s still not something that would put the final nail just yet.



Honest. is almost six minutes long yet so empty, making sure to completely drown the momentum the other tracks managed to build, and this is only the beginning. It does not get better. Everything else is just background music with the exception of the standard album closer, I Am. Moving over to the deluxe version, we just come across the typical deluxe treatment which almost always consists of below average tracks that were taken out of the trash, in order to fulfill a label’s marketing strategy.

Mad Love is an album that even though is not pushing boundaries by any means, could possibly work if it was laid out in a way that did not tire the listener but rather provided a balanced and engaging listen. But sadly that is not the case here, even though the album does contain some tracks that are actually decent.


5.5 out of 10 stars (5.5 / 10)