Best New Music: 30 Sept // BANKS, Niall Horan, The Weeknd (Again) And More

A lot better than last week.

The Chainsmokers released another new single today, featuring Phoebe Ryan and vocals from that one guy in the duo (again). At least he doesn’t sing directly as in “Closer”, so that’s always good. The quality of the song? Let’s just say even though “Closer” is playing in all countries at all times at all places right now I’d rather let it stay than hearing this song everywhere. Wait – No. 16 on iTunes right now. Goddamn these people are making everything become hits aren’t they?

Looking a bit higher on iTunes, there’s an unusual topper, at least nobody expected it. No – not Lady Gaga – it’s Niall Horan with his acoustic Ed Sheeran-y thing. I mean it’s not what people expected, but somebody says you can’t criticise a guitar ballad. They’re just good and vanilla as they are. Okay this song isn’t that bad. But where’s the bass? Bleaching of hair? Forcefully put swear words? I feel… empty.

“I Lived” hitmaker OneRepublic puts out another excellently basic pop promo single, just how we like it. Galantis puts out another excellently basic electronic promo single, just how we like it. The Weeknd tries for a The Hills / Can’t Feel My Face double smash again and puts out a second single with a screamy hyper chorus that I am LIVING off of. The single cover is looking a lot better as well.

Looking at the albums sides, today’s a big day for album releases. There’s BANKS with her more poppy sophomore effort, which is very nice; Bon Iver with a bunch of weird squiggly lines for song titles, the opener’s the only thing I listened and that was nice; and then there’s Solange (Knowles) with interludes. I’m sure it’s great. There’s also indie releases as always, French electronic artist Thomston with his debut album. Previous EPs suggest that this album will be worth listening.

“Be Alright” producer Mura Masa puts out an OK produced single with ASAP Rocky (ew rapping). Tom Odell does this cover thing that shall not be mentioned and that concludes the new music that’ll get us through our horrible lives this week. Still depressed that there’s no Bruno. You can listen to all the songs under this playlist below, which is updated weekly with all the best pop releases, so give us a follow to get the newest music earliest!



  • The Black Parade

    Im hearing hate for Niall’s song but it isnt that bad tho.

    • Chipmunk

      Like we said, these guitar ballads can’t be criticised. It’s called chill music or whatever, get into it!

      although I did want some sexy pillowtalky banger from niall tho