27 Thoughts While Listening To The Weeknd’s New Single “Starboy” // Song Review

After a short year of a short-lived era with ALL the bitch faces, The Weeknd’s surprise dropped his new single “Starboy”, along with all information about his new album of the same name, dropping on November 25. Here is our thoughts while on the first (tenth) listen of the track.

00:00 – Starboy’s an innovative title.

00:04 – Wait this static sound – is Weeknd going electronic? The Daft Punk collab would suggest it.

00:06 – yessssss. Already living for this beat.

00:13 – I would be completely okay if this is a complete troll and it’s this beat looping on and on for 230 seconds because YES.

00:16 – Oh okay Abel sings. Completely fine with that as well.

00:18 – Tryna’ put me in my worst mood? So much for politeness, huh.

00:25 – So three car references to which I barely understood until Genius came along. Proceed bragging.

00:31 – “Made your whole year in a week too, ah” *sighs*

00:36 – “Side bitch out of your league too, ah” Okay now you’ve put me in a bad mood.

00:37 – So this incredibly anger-inducing song is, evidently, a huge bragger about how he’s all famous and rich and nobody can touch him. This isn’t a new character for Abel, I mean the bitch faces show themselves. But up to this point, I’m not disappointed.

00:47 – That was the pre-chorus. Nothing too interesting to say here so let’s talk about the album cover. What an absolute mess compared to the amazing cover of Beauty Behind The Madness. Don’t sacrifice that beautiful hair for nothing, man!

00:53 – Still loving this electronic vibe though. “Switch up my style, I take any lane”, this is actually true. From Abel’s EPs and Kiss Land, to the more poppy change in Beauty Behind The Madness, and then to here, there’s no limit to what he can do, and that’s what makes him amazing. And oh so bragable.

00:54 – “I switch up my cup, I kill any pain”. Let’s be real your problems are nothing compared to everyone else’s. Just look at your model girlfriend emotionless and jaw-dropping as always and everything’s solved.

00:58 – Yes this production! The syncopated harmonies makes this drop so satisfying, but then it’s still so chilled. All these DJs needs to take notes.

01:08 – Starboy apparently is a Jamaican slang, meaning someone who’s cool and important. So Abel’s calling himself this important guy in this chorus, and the bragging personality keeps on going.

01:28 – I really like the “ah” ending of every line in the verses. When I try to sing along I’ll have something to hold on to, instead of mumbling all the words.

01:29 – Like at a party I’ll just add “ah” to every line, then scream out “I’MMA MOTHERFUCKIN STARBOY” and people will be impressed.

01:37 – Another car reference. I’m searching up all these cars as I play this, and quietly weeping that I won’t have any of these.

01:59 – This pre-chorus is lowkey boring, but bring on the chorus!



02:22 – I would totally see a slick rap verse from somebody here, but sadly that’s not happening. Instead we get this middle-eight thingy so let’s check that out.

02:23 – Abel expresses his wishes for a worldwide-trending divorce with the lyric “Let a n**** Brad Pitt”, weird.

02:28 – Even with all the cars and side bitches, Abel still treats his mama good. He buys her a good wagon, so she can carry on with those daily heavy groceries all by herself.

02:39 – God you really like cars don’t you? Or are you just running out of things to sing about? Don’t worry rapper’s been doing it for decades – Cars, bands of money, big booties, drugs, and the endless cycle on repeat. Explore that vocab world for a bit.

03:05 – This is still such a sick song.

03:44 – Back to our regular daily repeat of “The Greatest”, then back to this in a moment.