After a few weeks of paying more attention to new releases, specially by big pop stars or famous singers overall, I have noticed that we are losing the sense of what music is for. We all tend to forget that music should not be a cycle, something that starts all over every two to three years. Lately I have noticed that viral songs are taking over the true artists, that stuff that ‘sounds‘ thoughtful will also be there in the first positions in the charts and most of all – that there’s nothing new or exciting about music anymore.

I wanted to write a post so that we all would wait for a second, and think about why music exists, why is music something we enjoy? Well, I think music is a way of entertainment but most of all – a medium to express emotions. Then, where is the music that has been written genuinely? Artists nowadays kind of undergo a repetitive cycle that starts with writing the songs, recording, releasing, promotion and tour – when the latter finishes people expect the artist to start again.


All of this is actually the antitesis of what music should be, music should be something you do when you want to share a bit of you, whether it is through autobiographical lyrics or just storytelling! That’s what makes me wonder what are groups like Fifth Harmony doing in the industry, why are they doing this? I don’t mean that they should not be singers because the music they do is bad, but they add nothing to the table, they just keep on serving the same empty dish. Same goes with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers, Britney Spears (!) and many more that I believe are not really doing anything nowadays.

I’m not saying these people should retire but change. We all forget that there’s more than a good beat to music, more than an exceptional guitar riff, an amazing voice, a cool music video or nice promotion! Music should be something that comes right off the songwriter’s chest and impregnates you when listening to the track. 

I ask you to think about music as a whole, did we lose our feelings? Why is everyone going on doing more and more music that is just bland and has nothing to it? Why are artists releasing albums that are just random songs from recording sessions that have nothing to do except for a similar production? Where are the controversial artists? Where are those singers that used to tackle worldwide issues? Where are the artists that have a unique role? All these singers are just nowhere to be found, hiding in the studio trying to get the next hit… but at the end of the day, who cares? I’m just done with all these weak insipid songs about female empowerment, a recurrent topic nowadays when songwriters are uninspired, or love tracks. It feels like to get a hit you have to play safe and kind of follow the trends settled!

I even find it repulsive at times that some big artists are doing nothing to represent the voice of the people, of the society. It feels like artists cannot defy the rules imposed and break through, it feels like they are just sitting there, worrying about their money, their feuds, their own stuff and forget that they can do so much more. I’m not nostalgic about the old times, I’m upset because now every thing is easier and no one does anything. Nowadays there are more talented songwriters than before, in the sense of ‘catchy-ness‘ and production-wise since nowadays sky is the limit – but artists don’t go through the roof on top of their heads and try new things. Now… All of this is because of us, if we don’t support acts that are truly genuine and actual artists, we will kill music.

I will end up with something Madonna said once “I will retire the day I run out of inspiration“. If every other major artist at the moment followed this sentence, the music industry as a whole would retire altogether.

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Here you can listen to some songs that have undergone (more or less) unnoticed by the general public and are different from what is everywhere nowadays – again, don’t listen if you disagree with this post!


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