Best New Music // 16 Sept: Years & Years, AlunaGeorge, and more

It is that time of the week again, the day of fresh new releases that we’d gently brush over and review. A bit more than just Lady Gaga this week.

Years & Years release their soundtrack single thing from “Bridgit Jones’s Baby” called “Meteorite”, and initial snippets of the intro and verse makes it sound like an absolute banger. So I was sitting with my headphones ready for the kickass chorus to come, and instead I got a “great” drop with the same phrase repeated. Goddamn why do artists always do this? But still, a very decent tune. Although after this single let’s get straight into the second album promotion, give me that 2017 Q1 release!

Allie X released something that’s not a scratchy piano demo. Whatever Allie releases that isn’t a scratchy piano demo, it’ll be amazing. Allie, you make me not wanna die.

More British takeover – Calvin Harris releases his follow-up single to “This Is What You Came For featuring Taylor Swift”. It might be slightly worse than the Taylor Swift song. Firstly Calvin sings this on his own (after teasing there’s a vocal feature for days, asshole), then the build-up chorus is just him mumbling the same phrase on and on (artists, please stop that), and that drop is very anti-climatic. Eek. That’s when Emili Sande comes in and rescues my poor ears – the first minute of the song sounds epic… but then the whole song kinda stays the same. Ugh.

Wait guys don’t worry we found the saviour of music. AlunaGeorge releases (finally) her album after more than a few godly promotional singles, and the whole album is filled with electro-powered anthems that you cannot resist. Our favourite track is in the Spotify playlist, but to be honest every track in there is great.

BANKS and Skylar Grey both release their boring songs for their album campaigns; JoJo releases a very nice title track, and that’s about it. And also, we plugged a track from Frank Ocean in as well – apparently his new album was on Spotify. A little 12-hour takedown is enough to generate attention to remind everyone that Blonde is on Spotify.

We refuse to talk about any news from Tinashe that’s not the announcement of Joyride; Die Antwoord’s album is out as well but chances are you don’t care about that.


All of the music mentioned here can be found in the Spotify playlist below. It’s updated weekly with the newest music released that week, give us a follow if you’re into that as well!

  • Hyun

    Great post! “I Remember” is definitely the best of the week. What a fantastic album. I did love “Meteorite” quite a lot too, and Allie X’s song was really adorable.

    • Chipmunk

      I can agree with everything in this. Thank you for reading!