Blue Neighbourhood is the debut album by YouTuber-artist Troye Sivan. The 4-million subscribed Troye Sivan. The Happy Little Pill-bangermaker Troye Sivan. The Connor Franta boyfriend Troye Sivan (whoops!). But most importantly the Troye Sivan that made this killer of a debut album that is Blue Neighbourhood. I’m known for being a great fan of Troye Sivan so you already know this review has nothing but praise, so think of it as an recommendation blog post, but if you’re on the Internet right now chances are you’ve already seen his name everywhere.

Blue Neighbourhood is an electro-pop album, preceded by 2 EPs of similar style – TRXYE in 2014, and WILD in 2015, six months before the album’s release with songs from it included. 2 years into his career, Troye has already established a distinctive sound for himself. Every time you hear that dreamy, kind of dark synth-based production, and when his smooth deep vocals come in, you know who you’re listening to. Not everybody has that.

And that sound is such an intriguing one. The bright sound you hear in the lead single WILD, the energetic and powerful drops you hear in DKLA and YOUTH, to darker ventures like BITE, everything is right to the spot, distinctive and near perfect. In my opinion the absolute highlight of the album is FOOLS. When the initial moody piano chords come in, then the pre-chorus comes, it’s got such a cool vibe to it. With the synths behind it feels like you’re floating through the whole song. And the drop at the end? Phenomenal.

This album is a lot of things, but the biggest reason I love it so much is because of how goddamn relatable it is. It’s a coming-of-age album; lots of songs are related to problem that people can go through, teenagers mostly. COOL is a song dedicated to those that feel like they have to act a certain way to be blend in, to be popular. HEAVEN, featuring Betty Who, is the perfect LGBT anthem, to those that’re finding self confidence, and to those that don’t feel comfortable of being LGBT, even though they’re born to be and there’s nothing wrong with it. EASE, featuring the amazing Broods that we covered before on Popfection (check our review here), are both about being away from home, chasing success or happiness or whatever, and sometimes you just feel lonely. Sometimes you just want to be back at home, “back to the basics and the simple life”. I’m in a boarding school, by choice, thousands of miles away from where I live. It’s different in every way, language and culture being just two of them. Every time I return from holiday I play this song on my flight, just to say that everything’s gonna be fine. So this amazing song means a lot to me.

The only minor problem I have with Blue Neighbourhood is how its tracklist is arranged. As mentioned above WILD is released with 6 songs in this album as an EP, a mini-album Troye describes it. I think the tracklist arrangement can be better than how those 6 songs are just pasted to the beginning of the album, so everything flows better. Which is why I’ve arranged the listings myself, and I’ll share it below if you feel like doing the same. There’s still lots of tracks I didn’t get to mention that’re also amazing, so if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who the hell Troye Sivan is, do go to his Spotify or Youtube and have a listen, it’ll surely make your day!

  1. WILD
  2. for him.
  3. YOUTH
  4. BITE
  6. DKLA
  7. FOOLS
  9. COOL
  10. EASE
  13. HEAVEN
  14. LOST BOY
  16. BLUE

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p.s. don’t say anything about the blue neighbourhood trilogy in the comments it’s a trigger for extreme depression and stress