Pop Profile – Tori Kelly

THE ARTIST: If you’ve been keeping up with some of the biggest upcoming names in music right now, chances are you already know a thing or two about Tori Kelly. A California native, Victoria Loren “Tori” Kelly was born in 1992. She was brought up in a household of music—her father sang and played bass while her mother was skilled at keyboard and the saxophone. Kelly grew up surrounded by a range of different genres from gospel to R&B and from an early age she developed a passion towards being a professional musician. At just ten, Kelly’s determination lead her to appear on the TV talent competition Star Search. She later won her first appearance on America’s Most Talented Kids. Such exposures eventually lead her to a record deal, which unfortunately dissolved before she could release any material. Kelly later auditioned for American Idol but failed to make the final 24, determined to make it, Kelly began posting videos of herself performing cover songs on Youtube, some of them garnering over 10 Million Views.

She began to develop her unique sound and started working on original songs, eventually releasing an album, Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly, written and produced entirely by her. The album’s small success welcomed Kelly with new opportunities and she was eventually signed to Capitol Records with the help of Scooter Braun, her manager; who also manages Justin Bieber, and Carly Rae Jepsen.


Continuing to develop her songwriting skills and incredible vocal talent, she dropped an EP titled Foreword, and in 2015 released her first full-length studio album Unbreakable Smile. Kelly was awarded Breakthrough Artist by Billboard Women in Music, and is currently on her concert tour to promote her album!



THE MUSIC: Besides songwriting, one of Tori’s most prominent qualities is her incredible voice. Tori is an excellent vocalist showcasing exemplary and unique musicality with her voice.Her songs are often decorated with impressive vocal dynamics. And being a skillful and emotive vocalist as well as a songwriter, Tori is a reminiscent image of a young Mariah Carey, whom she credits as an influence.

Some of her impressive vocal abilities are showcased on this track from her debut album featuring Daye Jack:

The subject of most of Kelly’s songs are of love and heartbreak but Tori has proven she can sing about almost anything. “Just a California girl with big dreams, Thinking maybe they’ll let me sing songs about real things, And baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes, God made me sexy I don’t care if only I know”, she sings on the title track of her album.

Some of Tori successful singles include “Should’ve Been Us”

and a personal favorite…


Being a master vocalist and technical writer, Tori Kelly is truly the one to watch! Getting her album now would be a great investment!

BONUS: Watch this adorable video of her creating an acapella song with just her voice!