Best New Music // 15 July: The Definitive 2016 Day Of Pop.

We all remember those days. That day when Beyoncé Beyonce-d her self-titled album back in 2013? Or that three days when Katy Perry released “Roar” as Lady Gaga released “Applause” rapidly after? Or even when JB and 1D released their albums on the same day in 2015, and set Twitter on fire? These are some days in pop culture, when something so big happens and the entire world blows up, along with the industry after. More surprise releases, more news and drama… these are days that light the depressing world of pop on fire, making it something interesting.

Today, July 15, marks that day for 2016.


Oh sweet jesus.

When two sharks (left sharks) come together and battle, you bet they have their teeth sharpened and mind focused. Oh these two did. As both Brit and Kat went for different genre approaches they both nailed it. Kat has the most epic and explosive song in her career, and Brit brought Macklemore with her to slay as well, right from the cat mews in the very beginning, to that heavenly “ooh” drop. Bringing some Astrid S vibes as well.

And when two sharks fight, the little ones usually run away and hide. Not this time. ZAYN. 5SOS. TINASHE. HAILEE. All serving the best they’ve got. We’ve got something from the indie world as well: AlunaGeorge’s song – yes it’s another collab with some underground person – is another banger, M.I.A. has.. something out, and fka twigs has some oriental weirdness – wait sorry is it not twigs? – apologies, Banks has some oriental weirdness out. Don’t watch the music video for it because it’s disgusting. And of course, Felix Jaehn always has the best summer smashes.

What we’re witnessing here is something going in the history books, to be referenced by forums and pop culture for years to come. The Congress is currently on debate for passing this day for public holiday, to reminisce the day that pop couldn’t get any better.

All songs from the “little ones” are in the playlist below. The big sharks are assholes and won’t put their stuff on streaming.